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To have a firm butt is currently pretty hyped which actually has a legitimate reason! The big gluteal muscle is he biggest muscle of our skeletal muscles and crucial for man upright walk. To walk, stand, stretch, take stairs and jump is only possible unstressed if our”Musculus gluteus” is well defined. In addition it makes us a looker in pants and skirts. Easily to achieve with my flash home exercises!

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Firm Butt-exercise 1

Easy but effective!

We can train or butt easily if we know the right exercises. Aids like a  tube  intensify the exercises. Simple exercises are mostly the best such as this one. Put the tube around your ankles and stand on one foot. Watch your knees! You need to have a stable stand without pushing the knee of the leg you stand on over your foot. Keep your back straight and bend slightly forward. Lift your back leg up with small movements. Do 10-25 resolutions with a tube depending how strong you are. Do 25 -30 without a tube.

Firm Butt-exercise 2

Lift your leg for a firm butt!

This exercise looks really stupid  but it’s highly effective. Again a tube is a great aid. This time we put it around the hollow of our knees and stand in a quadruped stand with our arms and legs in a right angle. Lift up one leg to your side. I recommend to do the exercise 10 times per leg with a tube and 25 times without a tube.

Stay stable in your middle!

This exercise is really exhausting with a tube. Since the beginning of the year I keep integrating this exercise into my workout routine. Not only that our butt gets nice and round through it. The big gluteus is our biggest sceletal muscle and therefore a huge fat incinerator. Eventually calories only gets burned through our muscles.

Firm Butt-exercise 3

Strengthens the butt and makes it round and firm!

Once again we  we put the tube around the hollow of our knees and stand in a quadruped stand with our arms and legs in a right angle. For the tube not to slip up, the leg on the floor has the tube underneath the knee cap as you can see in the picture. Lift your leg up in an right angle and push your foot towards the ceiling with the sole parallel to it. Do  15-20 resolutions with and 25-30 without a tube per leg.


Firm Butt-exercise 4


And at the end a classic. Squats! They look harmless but you will find out quickly how they make your muscles burn. Again: watch your knees. Don’t push them over the middle of your feet as you can see in the picture. Keep your back straight and your feet a bit more than shoulder width apart.

The classic with a tube

If you like using a tube, put it up slightly above your knee and push your legs outwards when you squad down. The resistance is a real burner! Do 25 resolutions without and 15 – 20 with a tube.


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