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For five days the capitol has changed into a fashion-Mekka. During round about 50 shows the fashion trends for 2019 were presented. We were able to see quite a lot, to talk to designers and to already wear some of the looks of next year. So you will practically see our personal highlights of this summer’s Berlin Fashion Week fresh from the catwalk.

Preparations for the Berlin Fashion Week

Roaring twenties at the Klambt-Cocktail! TwoTell with a hostess!
BUNTE Party on the occasion of the Berlin Fashion Week at the Hotel Zoo

Unfortunately you can’t buy any tickets for the shows. So either you are invited or you are well connected. At the main location  E-Werk we saw well known faces many times. In is who’s in!

We were lucky to be invited to so many collection premieres and fashion receptions such as the Klambt-Cocktail or the BUNTE Fashion Party.

Therefore we had  prepared nearly 20 different outfits for that week.

Our men weren’t that thrilled about the piles of clothes at our homes. But we were! 😉

Show spectacles

Hamburg Stage School on the Riani catwalk
Influencer Mandy Bork and blogger Leslie Huhn love the new trends

One fashion show takes approximately 10 minutes.Sometimes there are also aftershow parties taking place like with Piani for instance. By now some of the designers stage their collections spectacularly. The labels Maisonnoée or Michael Michalksy send live musicians on the catwalk. Pretty cool!

Riani even engaged the Hamburg Stage School to root the guests with their sexy dance choreography. The first row appreciated the effort whose seating is always a philosophy on its own.

That’s where the most important buyers of the labels, celebrities, top journalists and influencers are seated.

the main Fashion Trends for 2019

Colorful on top and underneath: trend 2019
The Austrian designer Rebekka Rutz shows gaudy colors

The designers variegate their designs and we love that. Truly: the next season is going to be colorful.

What we think of being too much today is going to be totally up-to-date next year.




On top the designs are very feminine by using draperies, gathers and wraparound elements.

Sorbet colors, fluff materials and comfortable cuts
Effectful: dress with patterns by  Guido Maria Kretschmer

And: we can also look forward to cozy eye-catchers with a lot of patterns.






Truly folks! It’s going to be a great fashion year.

the bigs names of the fashion industry

Designer Michael Michalsky relievd after his successful show
Glamour in red by Michalksy

GNTM-juror Michael Michalsky had invited 1400 guests into the Tempodrum to score with his new glam-collection. We loved it!

The Berlin Fashion Week takes place two times a year. Since January 2018 it has become smaller and more focused. This time a few bigs names such as Dorothee Schumacher or Escada were missing but it remains being a great platform for young designers.

And: our most known designers had opened and closed the fashion week. Guido Maria Kretschmer pinned  his designs – a bit like Michalsky – also on sexy outlines and lots of red shades.

our conclusion of Berlin Fashion Week

We are thrilled about the wonderful trends for  2019 and have found our new favorite label: Maison common.

Our new discovery at the Berlin Fashion Week: The label Maison Common
We have a total crush on Maison Common

The designer Rieke Common used to design for Oscar de la Renta and Rena Lange and has been self-emplyed for some years now. We adore her wearable fairy-like dresses and had the honor to wear them.

And that’s exactly what makes these fashion days so special: that we could discover something outstanding among the many collections. Fashion trends that inspire us and will definitely turn our closets upside down next year.

By the way, we also took part at the Berlin Fashion Week in the winter. Read more about it here.



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