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Fashion trends are absolutely unpredictable! The history of the fashion industry shows eventually that everything comes up again since the nineties. Still the Berlin Fashionweek introduced some trends that were quite thrilling.

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Trends to come

Gaudy colors and lace! We were totally with it during fashion week!

If you believe the leading color institute Pantone and the established fashion magazines the fashion future will be very colorful! Wonderful as we love colors! No matter if gaudy or pasty. We love to wear colors as they lighten up the day and guarantee a good mood. At the same time there are no boundaries concerning the combinations of the individual fashion trends. Simple fabrics,lace and transparent fabrics, patterns and art prints and most of all denims in all kinds of variations are allowed.

Red, yellow, turquoise, Marc Cain is a trend-setter!





A delicate blouse with bright green pants by Riani!

The fashion industry sets a strong course in combination with delicate fabrics.

Red, blue, yellow, violet, green, magenta, as long as it’s gaudy!

Fashion brands such as Marc Cain snd Riani  ( / know what women want and offer a mix of the current trends including strong colors!


Trends that stay

Denims by Mademoiselle YéYé are oldies and trendsetters  at once!

It is clear that we can’t get enough of denims. Therefore the creations of most of the designer mirror that need. Barely any of them doesn’t interpret denim in a somehow new way such as the fashion label Mademoiselle YéYé


Thick knitted sweaters with silk skirts by Anja Gockel! Oh lala!

On top there are thick knitted sweaters that we can wear all year long. Especially combined with delicate silk or satin fabrics like Anja Gockel did.



Flowing, feminine, fabulous by Rebekka Ruetz!

It is obvious how feminine most of the designers creations has become. Such flowing fabrics were seen before but they are newly interpreted now for example by Rebekka Ruetz They enwrap our bodies and spice up any old pants or boring tops.





conclusion of the fashion trends 2018

Overall in a metallic or a delicate dress? Rebekka Ruetz show that (almost) everything is allowed!

Everything is allowed but interpreted more sensibly. The times when Designers wanted to attract attention with ripped trash creations and put men and women in unwearable pieces.

The fashion trends 2018 are compatible and courageous without being striking. We are looking forward to them!

And that also meint that our already introduced fashion rends are still fashionable!

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