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Fabric jumble is SO hot! Since the most recent Gucci collection we all know that everything is allowed in the fashion industry. Neon clashes with muted colors, stripes with plaids, baggy with tight-fitting pieces, rough with delicate. The more you dare the better which makes it a real challenge! Especially because there are a few rules that we should consider otherwise we might not look cool but comical. To achieve that goal we had great help from Lecomte. And with basics from our closets we can show you combinations that you can easily copy!

Cool pattern and leather substitute
Fabric jumble at its best!

In fall we can perfectly well combine rough materials and delicate ones. It’s not super cold yet so we can mix smooth and chunky fabrics.

A bomber jacket to fall in love with!


These trousers are casual like sweatpants but with their leather look they are still very elegant. And they match perfectly with the fancy bomber jacket and the killer heels.

Favorite piece!

You can wear our look at social events but also to business meetings or official parties because it is easy and airy but sexy and thrilling due to the clashing fabrics. With such a bomber jacket you can suddenly turn your whole closet inside out. Because as a result of its multiple colors you can combine it with all kinds of clothes!




Stylish but casual!
rough knitwear clashes with jersey

We loved this super baggy knitted pullover and combined it with a high waist skirt made of jersey and added sexy bootees. Does that fabric jumble match? Oh yes, definitely! All you have to think of is sticking the pullover inside the waistband of the skirt or with whatever tight-fitting piece you will combine it. As long as some of the body outline is still visible this combination will definitely be sophisticated!

A “little black dress” in green!
Fabric jumble at its best!

This dress could also be a “little black dress” but in addition with over knee boots and a chunky coat with a playful design it turns into a surprisingly cool style!

Delicate prints on chunky wool.






My favorite outfit!
Sweatpants with lovely details


This knitted sweater has mixed loops!

Furthermore we also found sweatpants and such on which we combined with sexy high heels. As a result this look is on the spot in the day time.

Especially relevant for fabric jumble are details that loosen up the stlye mixtures of rough and delicate. And what is especially great about these jumble fabric styles: there are possibilities in every closets to create a stunning look.

You just need to have the courage as it is allowed anyway!

Extremely comfy: the hood!
Stitchings, seams, cuffs, beautiful details!

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