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Every year people from all over the world pilger to Munich to party in dirndl dresses and lederhosen. This time between September 16th and October 3rd. And that’s expensive! The prices for one Maas beer or the traditional grilled chicken rise annually and to wear a really stylish dirndl dress can cost a fortune. But there is a clever alternative.

Costumes follow trends just like any other fashion: every season new trends are defined. Sometimes it needs to be lace, sometimes not, checked patterns, mono- or multicolored prints, plain patterns, transparent aprons with or without lavish embroidery, today everything is allowed. And the cuts and looks change as well despite a dirndl being a traditional costume.


The Wiesn in Munich and the Wasn in Stuttgart (yep, the Wasn – which is male not female as the Wiesn – has now newly established!) are therefore runways for the newest dirndl and lederhosen trends. Even I who grew up in the north of Germany and has Africa roots (an anti-Octoberfest combination, haha!) love the parties in the beer tents and to wear a trendy dirndl dress! Dirdnl dresses can be extremely expensive, though! So does that mean to wear the same old rag every year? No!

Natascha Grün von

My friend Natascha Grün came up with a great idea a couple of years ago concerning not only dirndl but all kinds of dresses: rent a dress instead of buying it. Natascha is responsible for She created a platform to rent the newest trends. A great tip! The choice is huge and the dresses are super stylish.

This year I can neither make it to the Wiesn nor the Wasn so I partied ahead in Munich last week. In a rented dream of red velvet and lace.

And the next day I simply returned it.



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