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Recently I  had quite a dilemma: I had invited a couple of guests for diner at home. Of course I wanted to cook myself as I love that. But then A job got in the way so that I woudln’t be home myself nefore 6.30 p.m. Much too late to cook for fifteen people and be ready on time. My solution: rent a cook for an evening!

rent a cook

I didn’t want to cancel the evening as it would be impossible to gather these special people again soon.

Mietkoch Michal zaubert in meiner Küche

Therefore I surfed in the net looking for help. Numerous websites advertised great offers with culinary delicacies. So mouth watering! Finally I stuck to the site of Michal Ortanek.

The learned cook and milk technologist had cooked in several restaurant sin Berlin and in Switzerland before becoming an self-employed private cook.

the food

After I had send my redest via mail he promptly replied. I then had to solve my net problem. What will we be having for dinner? Michael offers a wonderful menu palette. Be it themes-menues, paleo oder vegan! Most of my guest are meat eaters but there we’re also three vegans or vegetarians among my friends such as Annabelle for example. Therefore Michael requested a mix. This is what he came up with at the end:

1st course: asparagus duet and tempeh in a cool coriander bath

The starter

2nd course: Kuhhorstes bio-milk veal with young countryside veggies

The main course

The vegetarian alternative were him made vegetarian ravioli with truffle sauce.

3rd course: strawberries in a summer garden with a almond milk crème

the dessert

It was a culinary highlight! Of course I wouldn’t have been able to come up with anything similar! My guests we’re absolutely thrilled! What I found extremely practical was furthermore that Michael had brought the whole cutlery along. I didn’t even have to do the dishes.

the procedure

Th team: Michal and Maxi in my tiny kitchen

And so I came home after my job and let him in at 7 p.m.. At 8 p.m. the 1st course was on the table. He had brought a Hering hand along, his kitchen fairy Maxi. She assumed all the work including setting the table and decorating it.

The set table. Nothing was missing!

I had feared that the space in my tiny Kitsches wouldn’t be enough. But Michael had interviewed me before about all the details and had brought missing kitchen aids along. I just had to empty the fridge, that was it!I

The rest was like in a restaurant. I didn’t have any stress, the food was awesome and we had a great evening.


Happy guests thanks to the cook. TwoTell, Natascha Ochsenknecht and Tina Ruland

If I look back to this evening I can only warmly recommend to rent a cook. I was rarely so relaxed at home and had such a clean kitchen in the end while having guests for dinner which were absolutely happy!


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