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Evening make-up sometimes need to be done quickly. If you consider a few basics it will not take long and you will always look good. As a former model and long term actress and tv and stage host  make-up always plays a role in my professional life on stage, in fronst of a camera or on a red carpet. I’ve learned a lot from the make-up artists I worked with over the years. Through this I know what to do if my make-up needs to be done fast!

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the foundation

The most crucial thing concerning make-up is the foundation. It needs to cover well without turning into your mask and to have the exact same color as your skin. Luckily there are a few cheaper lines that offer good foundations in all kinds of shades such as Maybelline Jade or L’Oréal in drugstores. I prefer Mac, but you need to figure that out for yourself. In additions get variations two shades darker and two shades lighter to contour your face or buy a contouring set like the one from revolution. 

THE extras

You definitely need an eyebrow liner with a little brush which has the proper color for you. If you have really light eyebrows you may also choose one or two shades darker. But stick to brown as black will appear much too unnatural then. Furthermore you need Mascara (same here, either black or brown depending on your skin and hairtype) , a set of basic eyeshadow in beige, brown and black and your favorite colors with and without a sheen. Furthermore lipliners in dark and light red, orange, pink or whatever you feel like and matches your clothes. And not to forget neutral gloss and and/or colored lip gloss and lipstick that match your lipliners. Finally and very important: neutral face powder to matt and fixate and rouge. Apricot and rosé are the best variations. I am a total fan of sprays to use underneath the foundation as a base and at the end on top of the finished make-up on top. Ask for it on a drugstore or in a specialized store.

evening Make-up step 1


Clean and dry your face well and apply face care. After it sank in, apply the foundation. Underneath your eyes, on your chin, on the bridge of your nose and in the middel of your forehead apply a lighter shade. Apply a darker shade at the upper edge of your forehead, underneath your cheek bones and alongside your temples.

Blend all in and apply powder.

evening Make-up Step 2


To contour  a face, eyebrows are crucial! Use your eyebrow pencil to correct and if necessary broaden and lengthen your eyebrows.

The ideal end of an eyebrow is the prolonged line of the connection between your nose and the outer corner of your eye. Intensify your eyebrows at the highest point and softly broaden them upwards. Use the brush to make the look softer. My tipp: use haispray on the brush and the eyebrows will last all night.


Add Rouge and your base for whatever look is done!

evening Make-up Variation 1

heart on your lips

And now you need to decide whether you intensify your mouth or your eyes. A look that is fresh and fast is the one with an emphasized mouth. Then you need to apply the outline very exact and paint the lips thoroughly!

a bit of mascara

For a nice upper lip use the shape of a heart in the middle as an orientation. Finally use Mascara on the outer eyelashes only and your look is done!

Look 1 with strong lips

evening Make-up Variation 2

darker eyes through eyeshadow
Look 2 with strong eyes

Intensify your eyes by using a soft small brush to apply a darker eyeshadow underneath your eyes and on top of eyelid as well as the eyelid crease. Blend it in with a lighter eyeshadow. Use eye shadow with a sheen as they give a more glamorous look. If you want use a dark Eyeliner inside your eyes. Use a lot of Mascara.

Emphasize your lips only slightly but thoroughly with a decent lipliner and blend it in with gloss or a neutral lipstick.


Less is more! Concentrate on the foundation and your eyebrows and apply everything thoroughly. You will be done in 10 min then and look phantastic! Fresh and sexy but still natural!




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