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Environmetal protection starts within our immediate surroundings. Be it by waste separation, by not using plastic bags flippantly or by leaving the car behind. And additionally we can make a contribution by switching to green power! It might sound complicated but it’s not. Read why!

why green

If you love trees you need to respect your environment!

To protect our environment is crucial. This is clear ever since the latest climate summit. And that also includes that we should use environmental friendly ressources. Therefore green power by  Original Energie which is 100% green is a great alternative we think.

Besides we also save money with it! Our energy costs for electricity and gas tend to rise at the moment in all households.
Use green power to protect nature!!

We realize that with every new electricity and gas bill we receive. Take a look at these numbers: a four persons household in Germany mostly pays more than € 1.000 annually. And gas isn’t any cheaper! Because if households heat with gas their bills are usually also above €1.000.

Of course we all know about the comparison portals but hand on heart they appear to be too complicated
The more we were surprised how easy it is to switch to Original Energie

switching and saving

It couldn’t be any easier!

The end of this year is near and soon we will receive the annual bills. Put them on your desk and visit Original Energie. All you have to do there is enter your area code and your annual electricity or gas consumption and you will know immediately how much you would pay by using green power in the future. We didn’t know that it is that easy to switch and did it, too!

With electricity and gas Original Energie offers simple and fair tariffs we think. That includes a price guarantee for one year and you can cancel anytime with one month notice period.

But the best thing is: Original Energie takes care of the switch. So there is no annoying paperwork that we all hate!

green power: our conclusion

We love nature and contribute to its protection!

Both of us are city girls but we still love nature. And to prevent it in the future we need to act.Original Energie makes that really easy.

By using green power in the future we can do something for our environment and we get rewarded for it at the same time. Our costs of living go down while environmetal protection rises. It couldn’t be any better. We are convinced and we hope, so are you!


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