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Lash serum sounds too good to be true! Just apply and your eyelashes grow? Fact ist that the cosmetic industry has been working consequently in that field for the past years. And more and more products have entered the market which made the prices drop as well. But are lash serums really effective? And are they harmful? For the past six months we have tested four different serums.

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lash serum: our test

Our four test serums

To test each product for three months is necessary as the effectiveness is supposed to show only after four to twelve weeks. Here are the products we tested:

elegant & excellentLong lashes by Dr.E. Voss, Lash Cocaine by Svenja Walberg  und long lashes by Dr.Massing.

All of them have one thing in common: you need to apply the serum once or twice per day along your eyelashes. The principle is the same as for an eyeliner! The serums have the consistency of a gel and are transparent and super easy to apply. And you only need a tiny bit. In principle you need to wipe the brush at the rim of the container several times for avoiding using too much of the serum. Otherwise you might suffer of irritations within or around your eyes. So far so good!

eyelash serum elegant & excellent

Without any mascara…

The lash serum by elegant & excellent has a huge advantage as it is completely hormone free! It doesn’t contain any medical components whatsoever. Instead this serum is supposed to be more of a treatment for our eyelashes.

The components euphrasy, keratin und pro vitamin B5 ought to make eyelashes more lithe and resistant.

…my eyelashes are longer and denser!

And the serum moisturizes the eyes on top. Not unimportant as all of us spend quite some time in front of displays and therefore tend to get dry eyes!

After four weeks I actually experienced the first results. And I couldn’t complain about dry eyes too much!
My lashes became longer and felt wonderful! With € 34,95 a great fair price-performance ratio.

long lashes by dr.e.Voss

My eyelashes are super long if I apply mascara now!

The serum by Dr. E.Voss is based on 3 different signal peptides, we were told. Plus common additives such as caffeine, biotin and such are part of the recipe. All signal peptides aim for increasing the synthesis performance of the hair follicle. So they are basically growth boosters with a special goal. Finally the growth phases are positively influenced so that lashes grow stronger and to a greater extent. The composition has the right ph-value so even if you get some of the serum inside your eyes nothing will happen.

“The composition doesn’t contain any substances that might dry out the eye”, told us Dr.E.Voss personally. I like the consistency of this lash serum. It’s a bit thicker and easy to apply. As my lashes didn’t start from scratch due to using the lash serum by elegant & excellent before I kind of used the serum long lashes by Dr.E. Voss to test durability. And it had worked! I applied the serum every three days and my lashes stayed long and thick. Even ultra long and thick with mascara! Costing €49,00 this is the most expensive serum we tested.

lashcocaine by svenja walberg

Here Tanja had applied mascara but her lashes are also without mascara longer and thicker then thy used to be!

On the other hand the lash serum by Svenja Walberg is the cheapest by costing only €29,95! And once again this makes clear that the prices doesn’t necessarily say something about the quality. Because: as the name suggests Lash Cocaine by Svenja Walberg pushes the growth of eyelashes like a drug. Of course we had talked to Svenja Walberg personally to hear more about her product: “The revolutionary LashCocaine ingredients are based on medical components to treat glaucoma  and were specially adjusted to the need of beauty culture to make eyelashes grow. It supports and activates the natural growth of eyelashes and adds volume to lashes and protects and strengthens the original lashes”, said Svenja. That all sounded very good so far!

Tanja had tested several other serums before that were extremely expensive but her eyes became irritated due to the included hormones (M2). When she used LashCocaine it boosted her natural lash growth. She just suffered eye reddening after three weeks as she had used too much of the serum. After applying less each time the irritation vanished. And her lashes became stronger and longer!

long lashes by dr.massing

Long and dense eyelashes! Here with mascara!

And finally we tested long lashes by Dr.Massing test champion of the eyelashes serums test 2017. I figured that their composition appears to be most consequent. Vegan and hormone free and no parabenes, silicones or mineral oils whatsoever which makes it very compliant. And this serum was tested ophthalmological and dermatological. In addition it is compatible for people that wear contact lenses. Good for me! And the 3ml last at least for six months. Pia Sofie Massing is the daughter of the inventor Dr. Massing and wrote to us in person. She said that it is extremely important to wipe off the brush 5 to 6 times before applying the serum. The remaining amount is sufficient for both eyes. Price: € 36,00.

lash serum our conclusion

If you want results try one of these!

You don’t need to spend much money like you needed a few years ago to be able to find an effective lash serum. The investment is worth it and as you could see on us results are guaranteed. But it is extremely important to follow the instructions. Less is more! To apply just tiny amounts and to do so regularly is what makes it sufficient.

And you need to know that eyelashes have maximum lengths that they can reach. After that they stop growing and you can only preserve the result. But you shall never stop using serums otherwise the effect vanishes again! And to be honest, if you have sensitive eyes it can happen that they start to feel dry no matter what serum you see. So I bought myself eyedrops and use them once in a while and am totally fine with that. But that’s for you to decide! And we definitely recommend to use hormone free serums just to make sure. as these might even lead to a change of your eye color. You will find our tested serums online or in drugstores. And with one of them you can properly flutter your eyelashes! More beauty tips here!


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