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This beauty trend is spilling over from Asia and America to us. It brings us a real dream complexion in no time! The skin surface is carefully removed with a scalpel. Sounds creepy, but it is not at all. The so-called dermaplaning sucks for a radiant complexion. I have laid down for you once under the razor.

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Cosmetic studio Joli d’Or


I feel a little queasy when I walk along the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin and then stop in front of Olga Reichel’s chic cosmetics studio Jolie d’Or. I’ve been shaving and epilating all my hair zones for years now, like armpits or legs, but now someone’s supposed to drive me around with a sharp blade on my face? Well, the thought comforts me that dermaplaning actually comes from dermatology and is also practiced as preparation for some minimally invasive treatments like microdermabrasion. In my opinion, this form of professional facial shaving should only be done by a real professional.


Deep cleansing first

So I place myself in the hands of the experienced beautician Olga Reichel, who has a lot of experience with this beauty treatment and who enjoys my full trust. After thoroughly cleansing my skin, she pulls out the sterile knife and starts shaving zone by zone.

Professional dermaplaning removes not only the facial hairs, but also the top layer of dead horny cells.

That really doesn’t hurt and so I can even have a chat with Olga during this time.


And learn more about the advantages of this beauty treatment.


You need trust to endure a blade on your skin !

Dermaplaning stimulates the regeneration process of the cells, explains the certified cosmetician. The young skin cells now get more oxygen and can therefore work better. Lights up! The mechanical blade peeling not only stimulates cell renewal, but also the production of collagen in the skin. And this counteracts the aging process.

The effect is ingeniously visible directly after shaving for about 30 minutes: the skin looks smooth and radiant.

A great double effect, because not only the small, annoying hairs are removed – the skin feels much more velvety and plump overall.


Even small mimic wrinkles are “shaved away”. I am really stunned!


Sure, my skin was still a little red right after dermaplaning, but after about 20 minutes it was gone. Olga gives me a soothing face mask and finally a rich moisturizing cream. My skin is obviously thirsty now. Makeup and concealer and above all powder can be applied better without facial fluff and thus last longer, because they “don’t get caught anymore”. The hair growth was by the way exactly the same afterwards as before.


I am now really fixed and am thinking whether I will give such a treatment to my girlfriend for her birthday. By the way, this costs about 70 Euro.

Totally happy with my new glow

In principle, anyone can have dermaplaning done, no matter what skin type. Except for acne, where pimples could be scratched on, which would aggravate the skin appearance. Compared to chemical peelings, dermaplaning also has the advantage of not affecting the pH value of the skin. This is especially great for people with sensitive skin. In the net there are several tutorials for a “DIY Dermaplaning at home”. I personally don’t do that, it’s too risky for me. In addition, with your own version you shave “only” the hairs away and not the top layer of skin. But that’s the only reason for the great glow effect. And who has that once, will not want to do without it in my opinion any more.

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