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Cooking unplugged could be everything: broiling, baking stick bread or – as at the Duke restaurant inside the Ellington Hotel in Berlin – high cuisine! We tried it out and were surprised about the delicious creations by head chef  Florian Glauert who together with the fantastic head chefs Markus Semmler, Ben Pommer, Thomas Imbusch and the brothers Eggert came up with an artful and exquisite menu!

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cooking UNPLUGGED – the concept

Cooking differently
Us at the courtyard of the Ellington

Everything is allowed that doesn’t need electricity. Broiled, smoked, baked in a burrow or marinated. That aroused our curiosity of course! Of course we knew head chef Florian Glauert due to his wonderful asparagus tips, he had given us but at the cooking unplugged event at the restaurant Duke inside the Ellington Hotel in Berlin he showed the whole range of his skills. Him and Markus Semmler of Kochkunst Ereignisse Ben Pommer from BRLO Brwohouse and Thomas Imbusch from 100200Kitchen as well as the brothers Eggert were responsible for an unusual menu. We found that a great idea! Even when the weather was bad and we had to move inside form the inner courtyard the concept was still a success. No wonder! Even if electricity wasn’t allowed the results were delicious!

The Menu

A team of head chefs!
Delicious dish by the brothers Eggert

We had expected simple dishes but what was served was the total opposite.

Das team of Florian Lauert, Markus Semmler, Ben Pommer, Thomas Imbusch and the brothers Eggert combined ingredients that we wouldn’t have thought of by no stretch of imagination!



The menu
The menu

Ben Pommer combined cabbage turnip with ricotta, peppercress,bergamot and mustard pickle.

Markus Semmler was responsible for scallop with largo, chanterelles and chive.

Whereas Thomas Imbusch created a dish of potatoes, butter, chive and beef heart.

The brothers Eggert chose fried beet with raspberries and meadow lamb.

Florian Glauert created the dessert made of crop, honey, rhubarb, flowers, Mieze Schindler, egg and lemon.And vegetarians also got their share. In addition exquisite wine were served adjacent to the dishes.We realized with how much love this cooking unplugged concept was implemented which we clearly enjoyed!

the highlights

the dessert
a cooking unplugged table

It is hard to speak of highlights if each and every dish is so delicious! But the dessert still had that special something for us.

As rhubarb and chocolate cake fans we loved Florian Glauert’s creation decorated with mint and strawberries. So yummy!

On top the Duke restaurant had set the tables in a lovingly rustic and cozy style which gave a homy touch to the evening. Perfect for the cooking unplugged concept.

cooking unplugged – our conclusion

team spirit at the Duke!

We loved that a high class restaurant such as the Duke decided to think outside of the box. These new suggestions and ideas might also be something to think about at home!

Of course it won’t be the last time that the Duke will have such a special  event. “Just” to cook is never enough for Florian Glauert and his team! This you can see by means of the numerous special cooking events of the  Duke. Try it out, it’s worth it!



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