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To have a home with large rooms is the ne pus ultra. But sometimes it turns out to be quite difficult to come up with an interior that makes sense and is cozy at the same time without appearing too coolish. I had the problem that I wanted to subdivide our 50 sqm living room into a dining and living area without having to install actual walls. Finally I asked a professional for large rooms. Through this we gained a new look for our huge room where we all feel comfortable. Let me summarize these tips for you!

Our “monster baby”:  a long tube

before and after

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This is how our room used to look. A long drawn-out room. We have dinner in the area at the front and in the back is the cozy part. But the room wasn’t in perfect harmony.

Therefore I had asked an expert of the interior provider Dopo Domani from Berlin. That was a great idea! With a few changes the huge room turned into our favorite living space.

Separate Wohninseln schaffen

Large room: structured by colors and carpets

The first thing he said that we needed to divided the different living spaces visually. Easy to accomplish with carpets and colors. Carpets give structure to a room. In our case they separate the couch area like an island and are crucial interior tools to redesign large room. we choose a more robust carpet which can “handle things”.

We replaced our dark dining table for a lighter version with more filigree table legs. Instead of see through plastic chairs we now have stylish leather chairs. And bits of the chair color is reflected in the carpet.

New comfort zone with the carpet, couch table and pillow in one color family

The interior designer recommended a fluffy black carpet for the couch corner. Our children love it and like to sit on the flog ever since. Finally we added two round marble couch tables pus pillows in the same color.  And tada – our living area had a character of it’s own.

creative lighting

George Nelson Lampe: zeitlose Eleganz

We weren’t all so happy with our lighting. The lamp above the dining table looked kind of lost. But especially large rooms need a thought through illumination.

The Dopo Domani expert therefore recommended a design lamp by George Nelson.

A good investment I find! The cone of light is wonderful and you can dim it, too, of course.

Mural for large rooms

Another credo: large rooms can take lange decoration pieces such as sculptures, plants or over dimensional paintings. So our choice to hang flower pictures by the Berlin artist Tina Winkhaus was to the point.

Large rooms can take large paintings

Different wall colors can make a large room more cozy as well and create “zones”. Our couch corner is painted in orange. A warm color as the eye catcher which dominates the homelike corner. You will find more about this subject here.

The personal touch

Of course we didn’t want to get rid of all our furniture and redesign EVERYTHING. We just wanted to place emphasis on certain things.

Souvenirs from lovely holidays
My favorite vases contain fresh flowers most of the time

Even though I had leafed through various stylish magazines it was the personal advice that had really helped me. Because a human being – in this case the expert from Dopo Domani does not only see the rooms but gets to know the people living in them as well.

Therefore it is clear: the personal touch needs to be considered as well. At the end of the day it is US that need to live in our home. I love my decoration pieces like the vases that I had ordered online, my family pictures and souvenirs such as these paintings from a vacation in Barbados 15 years ago. These personal items give our room the comfy feeling.

Textiles for coziness

cudde pillows for a comfy time inside your own four walls

Large room tend to feel bare. Textiles do therefore a very important part.

pillows, couch table and carpet match and create a contrast to the cool couch

They bring warmth and coziness into a room. Be had bought the beautiful patterned pillows for our living area – congenial to the other elements.

Patterns and textile mix go great with cool elements such as our couch. This shouldn’t get out of hin though! That’s why we stayed within one color family to create a harmonic whole.

conclusion for large rooms

Small changes lead to big results

It was an enrichment for us to get the expert into the boat a.k.a. into our living room. we had learned a lot and played it out in parts. If you want to furnish a large room you need to create smaller living islands. Areas that are clearly defined add structure and functionality but a wonderful atmosphere on top. The dining area and the couch with the tv set are now visually separated. And our personal memories and favorite pieces add the right touch to the huge room. We love it!


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