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The beauty market is booming! There seems to be the right treatment for and against everything. And that can be quite expensive! But what about the good old home recipes or little tricks that are effective and still don’t cost much? I would like to introduce a few to you here, but beware: you have to bring a little effort and patience with you, but then you will glow! And also with joy!

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basic facts

Nothing comes from nothing! There’s no way around it. Staying tuned is therefore the magic word. No tip helps if you give up after a few days. Time for ourselves is precious and a rare commodity, but it is also extremely important to walk mentally and physically healthy through life. I have therefore become accustomed to providing balance by constantly looking closely at whether my diet, exercise and care are in harmony, especially when stress is increasing. And that’s not uncommon in my job!

In order to stay healthy and my skin beautiful, I don’t necessarily have to run to a beauty temple, though, because for little money I can easily take care of that myself at home.

healthy nutrition healthy skin

Beauty in a glas!

Under stress I get dry skin and pimples and my pigment disorders seem to intensify. The best thing for me to do is to avoid sugar, alcohol, dairy products and empty carbohydrates for a couple of weeks. I don’t eat meat and fish anyway, seafood rarely, but I love eggs!

I don’t leave them out in such detox times, even if some recommend it. So I don’t diet and I don’t starve! The whole thing is kind of a reset button, which – once done for a longer time – automatically leads to superfluous things disappearing.


I support this with green smoothies and fresh juices. Celery juice is my latest discovery!

Magic veggie celery!

Celery contains fibre, vitamin K, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron and magnesium. It also contains vitamins C, B1 and B2. Really a crazily healthy vegetable and, according to the bestselling author Medical Medium, a remedy that also eliminates skin irritations and many other complaints.  I drink a fresh half litre of it in the morning on an empty stomach and then wait an hour before eating anything else.

Vitamins can be so delicious!

This is usually followed by a healthy muesli with fruit, many nuts and almond or coconut milk and one or two other juices during the day. These can be all sorts of fresh juices, you can find out more about them here.

Of course I also drink a lot of water and my beloved green flavoured tea. I am not a coffee drinker. In the early evening I make a healthy meal from complex carbohydrates and vegetables.

This concentrated accumulation of vitamins, fibres, minerals, proteins (through eggs, but also through lenses, for example), good fats (e.g. through avocados and cold-pressed oils) and complex carbohydrates (potatoes, wholemeal rice, wholemeal noodles, etc.) have a rejuvenating effect from the inside and make our skin glow.

Well invested money! A solid stand mixer that processes ice cubes, vegetables and fruit into creamy smoothies.

Currently I’ve been detoxing for 14 days, and my skin is just great! In addition there is a strengthening of the connective tissue, which also benefits from it. It is really as simple as it sounds, and all you need is a good stand mixer with a sufficiently high number of revolutions.

A juicer doesn’t hurt either, but it’s not a necessity. Even if I would like to stress once again that an investment in our health is always the best!

You will certainly notice that my beauty tips are more of a fundamental change that you can gradually incorporate into your everyday life without bending yourself too much. Green smoothies are quick and easy to prepare and taste delicious! There are also great recipes, for example here.

In the morning I always prepare a liter of a smoothie or juice of my choice (after drinking my celery juice) or more, drink a large glass and store the rest in a thermos jug in the fridge. The desire for sugar and alcohol decreases automatically, the more colorful and complex your diet is!


Effective against annoying dents!

As already mentioned, our connective tissue also benefits from such a change in diet. You will notice this after only ten days. To alleviate cellulite or prevent it from occurring in the first place, oil massages are just as helpful as alkaline baths.

Alkaline bath salts. Affordable and effective!

Freiöl offers a wonderful oil that I massage into my still moist skin after every alkaline bath. You can easily order alkaline bath salts on the internet or buy them in a pharmacy.


I use one of LaSolium and take a bath with it once or twice per week for round about 30min.

Take your time! Knead quickly with the mini-suction bell.

I massage my skin thoroughly with a natural bristle brush. I don’t shower the bath water off so that the alkaline salts are absorbed together with the oil.

After the massage I use Glowcups, which you can order here and which are absolutely amazing!




They act like small suction bells and massage the tissue effectively. So simple!


Healthy eating leads to healthy skin, tighter connective tissue, better digestion and deeper sleep. I know what I’m talking about!

Surely it is sometimes good to let yourself be pampered! We have already tried a few things ad  introduce them to you here. But honestly? With a little prudence and stamina we can influence our health and thus our well-being ourselves. Of course under normal conditions. With chronic or other illnesses the visit to the doctor is obligatory in my eyes.

But through a healthy diet, the right care and exercise, we can determine for ourselves how we feel and what we look like. Completely without Botox, fat suck off and Co. And it also tastes great! 😉


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