Brocat princess – a royal look for fall

Brocat fabrics were looked at being prissy for a long time, but this fall it is THE fabric trend which gives day to day looks a royal touch. Brocat is a heavy silk fabric which used to be for royals only! This season, though, it celebrates its royal comeback. I composed a few outfits for you at the Showroom my favourite fashion boutique in Berlin.

1. Brocat – dressed up

More is more – at least concerning my first outfit which I would chose for an afterwork party. I combined the brocat skirt by Marc Cain with a bouclé top. That looses it up a little and picks up the current mixed patterns trend. The turtle neck with the collar variation makes it youthful and up to date. Besides sling pumps and a clutch (with a gold clip) in the same color as the skirt. All I need now to be a real brocat princess is a coronet! All pieces by Marc Cain.

2. Brocat – dressed down

I would go to the office in this combination especially as the boots from Marc Cain ttps:// are supercomfy. This makes brocat suitable for daily use! With the skirt goes a comfy cashmere turtle neck and a long black coat by Strenesse. The solid boots round out the picture and grant a glamourous entry for the skirt. Tada!

If you want to style brocat for the street you should chose only one brocat piece at a time and add plain clothes to it! The fabric itself is swanky enough. Plus the skirt can be combined with all kinds of other pieces. Which makes it from now on my favourite must-have!

Derbe Boots runden den Look ab