Skin improvement thanks to IS Clinical – a self test!

IS Clinical is supposed to be pure super food of the skin which made us curious of course! The acronym stands for Innovative Skincare which is a pharmaceutical active component treatment. As each one of us has a certain problem area in her face we therefore tested  IS Clinical for the past two months to reduce pigmentary abnormity (Annabelle) and decreasing skin firmness (Tanja). And were pleasantly surprised!

Do eyelashes grow through a lash serum? We tested it!

Lash serum sounds too good to be true! Just apply and your eyelashes grow? Fact ist that the cosmetic industry has been working consequently in that field for the past years. And more and more products have entered the market which made the prices drop as well. But are lash serums really effective? And are they harmful? For the past six months we have tested four different serums.

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Tannin treatment as a fountain of youth for hair – a self test!

It’s been years that my hair needs to endure coloring. My natural hair color is just a bit lighter as the dull street dogs color and I don’t like it at all. Of course I know that it’s not good for my hair even though it is still in pretty good shape. But how do it get long, straight and most of all healthy hair? Tannin is the natural miracle cure. I tested for you how the treatment works!

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Glitter tattoos for children self-made

My little daughter Mina (5) loves it colorful and this includes of course tattoos for kids. When one of her friends visited recently I could make the little girls very happy! With my self made glitter tattoos which are kind of an advanced variation of the simple sticker tattoos!

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Skin analysis-how old is our skin in reality? We can find that out now…

When I look in the mirror in the morning I see quite a few wrinkles, a couple of  pigmented moles (I got more ever since my 2nd pregnancy) and a lot of freckles. But that’s only from the first view. I am interested how old my skin really is and if I take care of it properly. We can find that out by using a skin analysis tool which I tested for TwoTell.

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