Tight skin through radio frequency – the Victoria Beckham treatment

Victoria Beckham allegedly loves treatments with radio waves. It is suppose to tighten and refine the skin. So I also wanted to try out the so-called radio frequency therapy in order to find out what Vicky and Co are betting on in the fight against skin aging. So much in advance: it neither hurts nor does one have a downtime. I tried out how exactly the beauty procedure works at the Joli d’or cosmetics studio on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.

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Laser One – hair removal in self-test

Annoying little hairs on the legs or even worse on the face can be a real nuisance! But now we’ve got rid of them forever. No more plucking, waxing or epilating! In the last 4 months we have tried out a new laser method for hair removal and finally got rid of our annoying hair with this method. And the best thing is: it stays that way, hooray – so summer can come!  Because with the Laser One Institute we had great experts at our side, who with their powerful diode lasers can tackle every hair! You can read here what is behind this process, which is finally suitable for every skin and hair type. With no hairsplitting at all! 😉

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Skin rejuvenation through laser treatment – PicoWay Resolve in the test

Laser treatment is on everyone’s lips in the course of skin tightening. But not all lasers are the same. Especially not with the advancing technology. Some very few beauty studios in Germany already use the PicoWay Resolve (picosecond laser) as a weapon against skin aging. This laser works differently than conventional devices. This is because it applies very targeted and extremely short laser impulses to the skin. At Era Esthetic in Frankfurt I tested the innovative procedure for TwoTell.

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Skin improvement thanks to IS Clinical – a self test!

IS Clinical is supposed to be pure super food of the skin which made us curious of course! The acronym stands for Innovative Skincare which is a pharmaceutical active component treatment. As each one of us has a certain problem area in her face we therefore tested  IS Clinical for the past two months to reduce pigmentary abnormity (Annabelle) and decreasing skin firmness (Tanja). And were pleasantly surprised!

Do eyelashes grow through a lash serum? We tested it!

Lash serum sounds too good to be true! Just apply and your eyelashes grow? Fact ist that the cosmetic industry has been working consequently in that field for the past years. And more and more products have entered the market which made the prices drop as well. But are lash serums really effective? And are they harmful? For the past six months we have tested four different serums.

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