Skiing in the summer – where there’s always winter

As many of you know we love to try out new things as a family.  And this time we experienced something really crazy – skiing in the summer! But not on a glacier. We just had to travel for two hours from Berlin to reach the skiing hall Hamburg-Wittenburg. Let me tell you how it was to ski down the slopes when we had 30 degrees Celsius outside and what Felix Neureuther has in common with us.

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Das Schwein – a first class wine bar!

We found out that the Das Schwein (the pig) is everything but what the name implied! There the wines as well as the dishes were mouth-watering. In addition the interior of the wine bar was very stylish and the staff extremely nice and well informed. Even though the das Schwein is a wine bar a visit is not only worth it because of the drinkable but also because of the edible delicacies.

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Sweet potatoes-figs-combination: best side dish ever

The grill season has started and my husband and I are total barbecue fans. And while he loves to stand at the huge grill to take care of the main course I always ask myself: what side dish am I going to prepare? Ever since I tasted an unusual combination of sweet potatoes and figs at a friends place I am addicted to it. And so are our barbecue guests by the way. In addition the best side dish is fast to prepare and looks really nice as well.

Home workout with Annett Möller – booty and legs

After I could show the wonderful and extremely sympathetic German tv host Annett Möller a home workout how to strengthen her upper body, arms, back and abs it’s all about legs and booty today. After her baby break last year Annett want to strengthes these parts of her body as well. Of course I visited her to show her some exercises!

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Home workout with Annett Möller! This time: abs and back

Annett Möller is a popular presenter on German television and she is also our friend. After getting her baby last year she now wants to get back in shape although she already looks great! Therefore we visited Annett for me to show her  an effective home workout. First we concentrated on exercises that strengthen her abs and stabilize her back so that these parts will get strong and tight again.

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Skiing-my passion-my tipps

Skiing is one of these sports that need a lot of effort. But I don’t want to miss one hour on the boards. I learned skiing properly fairly late fifteen years ago when I was beginning of my 30ies. Today I ski any slope, be it blue, red or black, mogul slopes or deep powder snow and can recommend skiing to anone. Let me tell you why!

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