Detox Delight-healthy and fit by fresh juices

Detox Delight sounds as if detoxing is mere fun. You know what? It is! I like to detox a couple of times per year. But especially this one week during the cold season is especially important for me. As a prevention for Christmas. S that my immune system can handle all the upcoming sweets and all! My detox weeks always contain loads of healthy stuff, no alcohol and no sweets. And that’s really tasty!  Because my fresh juices no only contain lots of minerals and vitamins. They are also yummy!

Domestic super-foods! Cheap and regional!

Super-foods are being hyped in the media. Supermarkets and health-food stores promote them as THE new thing to boost our health. But to tell you the truth, chia-seeds, Goji-berries and what not simply are expensive substitutes for regional products. And on top we can’t know the details about the manufacturing processes. Plus they damage our environment. So why look in the distance if the good things are just around the corner.

Weight loss made easy: eat more – lose more weight!

Plates for grown-ups with carbs and still losing weight? Yes, that’s possible! I was never really big but there were times when I had too many pounds on my hips. Then I tried all kinds of diets! EH (eat half), Hollywood-, Pineapple- or Atkins diet, Low Carb, High Protein and so on. For a few years I finally know how it works best to be slim without having to starve myself. I eat till I am satisfied! Now I am 46 and slimmer than ever. And with my kind of eating I helped others to become slim as well…