Sweet potatoes-figs-combination: best side dish ever

The grill season has started and my husband and I are total barbecue fans. And while he loves to stand at the huge grill to take care of the main course I always ask myself: what side dish am I going to prepare? Ever since I tasted an unusual combination of sweet potatoes and figs at a friends place I am addicted to it. And so are our barbecue guests by the way. In addition the best side dish is fast to prepare and looks really nice as well.

PeterPaul-delicious dram!

PeterPaul  is a restaurant discovery in Berlin which we tested with pleasure! German cuisine meets the probably most known Spanish dish: Schnitzel, dumplings and co. are served in small portions like tapas. Hence the guests have the possibility to enjoy a delightful culinary journey through the German cuisine.

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Braufactum Berlin – burger and beer deluxe!

Burger and beer can be extremely different. Sometimes the beer is warm and dull and the burger just greasy sometimes these basic foods turn into haute cuisine variations. If so then this rudimentary nutrition turns into a culinary delicacy . That’s what the Braufactum Berlin declares to offer. So we went and tried it out. And were pleasantly surprised!

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Fresh smoothies in 60 seconds – fruit power for busy people

Fresh smoothies are healthy, delicious and full of vitamins as is known. My whole family loves these fresh vitamin kicks “to go”. But as I am a working mum I barely have time to shop for the fresh ingredients, chop and mix them. My schedule with work, children and appointments is mostly simply too busy. But now I found a great solution to integrate these fresh snacks after all.

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Granola bars-home made!

Granola bars are easily home made and are super healthy! I would have never thought how simple it is to create granola bars on your own. My whole family loves that small snack. And my self made ones are of course so much more healthier than the ones in the supermarkets that are full of added sugar. The great thing is that all I need are a few ingredients! And on top of that the bars are absolutely delicious.

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Hangover cure-this is what helps!

Everyone needs a hangover cure once in a while for the day after New Year’s Eve. But what is really helpful and why?Don’t expect a recipe that helps reduce the alcohol in your blood, though, as this is a fairy tale. Our body is only able to reduce 0,1 per mill per hour. More or less depending on one’s physique. But I can tell you how you can feel better pretty fast without too much of a hustle!