Safer Internet – eBlocker protects the whole family in the internet

Our children belong to the generation 2.0, surfing the internet is normal after a certain age. Schools also work with teaching methods on the internet. So far so good as it has of course a lot of advantages. But especially for children the internet is very dangerous because they can’t judge many things. And I’m not talking about games like Fortnight. We’ve now bought a brand new device called eBlocker, which allows the whole family to surf the net safely and to  protect us from trackers.

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Pure romance at Fleesensee palace

A wellness weekend on the beautiful Fleesensee Palace just for ourselves! My husband and I have been awaiting this time out eagerly. Two and a half days just for ourselves, without the children, in a lovely wellness hotel. Just an hour and a half by car away from Berlin. This is so uncommon that we were really excited!

Playground workout

The moms among you know that dilemma: there is almost no time left for oneself not to mention time to work out. But I discovered a great gym: the playground. It’s great because I am often there with my kids anyway and it’s for free. Of course I don’t have a planned through playground workout but I am geting out of breath and then I feel great afterwards. Just because I got some exercise for my body. Unfortunately we don’t get a bikini body by digging in a sandbox!

Skiing in the summer – where there’s always winter

As many of you know we love to try out new things as a family.  And this time we experienced something really crazy – skiing in the summer! But not on a glacier. We just had to travel for two hours from Berlin to reach the skiing hall Hamburg-Wittenburg. Let me tell you how it was to ski down the slopes when we had 30 degrees Celsius outside and what Felix Neureuther has in common with us.

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Usedom, sunny island with a sense of family

A few years ago I used to be an Usedom- ambassador as I hosted image movies there and fell in love with the Island during my countless shootings. At that time I already found the long white beaches, the architecture of the baths and the beautiful nature fascinating. But how does my family think about it today? Together we explored the island again – through my children’s eyes…

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At the crag with the family

Jumping through trees like squirrels, climbing dizzying heights – not my favorite thought as I am afraid of heights. My children longed to try that out – incited by my sportsy spice Annabelle. I have to admit that our trip to the crag went far from what I had imagined.

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Virtual Reality – when mum and son explore new worlds

For weeks my son has been whining: „Mum, I want to visit the VR Lounge . It’s supposed to be so cool. And it’s totally hip. “Allright, I thought, why not? It’s interesting for grown-ups, too. VR stands for virtual reality and is a new technology for computer animations. So we went to visit the VR Lounge at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin to try it out.

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Glitter tattoos for children self-made

My little daughter Mina (5) loves it colorful and this includes of course tattoos for kids. When one of her friends visited recently I could make the little girls very happy! With my self made glitter tattoos which are kind of an advanced variation of the simple sticker tattoos!

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