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IF a cook belongs to the best in Berlin, it is Tim Raue. The top chef with a Berlin snout knows the fine line between haute cuisine and street food perfectly! And he also celebrates success as a book author. No wonder, after all, the former Berlin gang member has a lot to tell. This can be seen over again in his way of cooking, which has already earned him two Michelin stars. With his latest coup, Tim Raue is again counting on fusion, this time also as far as the gastronomic management is concerned. We have tested the Brasserie Colette for you!

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BRASSErie colette – some background information

Two that go well together: Steve Karlsch and Tim Raue
Modernism meets vintage elements

As you know, the eye also eats! That’s why we were so happy about the skilful mixture of vintage furniture and modern elements, which make up the interior of the Brasserie Colette which is also already situated in Munich and Konstanz.

Charmant, charmant, we though, suitable for the gastronomic orientation. 😉

Salut et bon appétit at the Brasserie Colette!
Also in detail on point.

It’s classic French, but with the typical Tim Raue twist. The menu changes frequently and is compatible in itself, so that regular guests always get their money’s worth. As a pure concept developer, Raue may not be in the kitchen this time, but his chef Dominik Obermeier is very successful in implementing it. Everything under the watchful eye of Steve Karlsch, the gastronomic director of the Colette series. The aromas here are varied, the combinations unusual, the results delicious.

The Brasserie chain is said to have been named after a Madame Colette from Bordeaux. It is said to have made such a lasting impression on Tim Raue with banana crêpes that his brasseries now bear her name. We didn’t find any banana crêpes on the menu, but everything else was still delicious!

the starters at the Colette

Mmmmh, oysters!
Here everything is served with love.

In order to give you a comprehensive taste picture, we have simply ordered the most on the map! The appetizers started with a dozen oysters, sea urchin eggs and Colette salad.

There are three types of oysters to choose from! For me of course exactly the right thing, because I love oysters!


The sea urchin egg with spinach and chives brioche was too special for me, but Tanja is enthusiastic about it! The Colette appeals to all kinds of taste buds.

Oh lala!
Le salade Colette!

And the Colette salad with its marinated vegetables and parsley vinaigrette is already a classic.

We immediately notice that Tim Raue maintains his high quality standards – which he has already impressively proven in his other restaurants such as Sra Bua.

We also like the fact that fresh baguette is served right at the start, accompanied not only by butter but also a glass of gherkin. Superbe!

the main courses

Pulpo & Topinambur
Steak Frites!

With the main courses we felt like we were on a small Tour de France culinaire! We again felt the fusion approach that makes Tim Raue’s restaurant concepts so special.

The club sandwich was prepared with lobster, the cod with kale and foie gras.

Pulpo met Jerusalem artichoke, quail fig and truffle jus and hare leg comes with cocoa.

Mon dieu! We didn’t even know where to start!

Clubsandwich with lobster! Delicious!
Cod à la Colette!

So we took the pulpo, the club sandwich, the cod fillet and very classic with fries and sauce Béarnaise, the steak fries. The menu is really great and contains many more delicacies!

For example Boeuf Bourgignon with mushrooms, shallots and mashed potatoes, veal sweetbread with snail ravioli, broad beans and grapefruit or Sauerbraten with green beans and mustard mashed potatoes. But also the gurnard with corn, paprika and jackfruit sounds just as delicious as the plaice with spinach and macadamia.

And a cool verre de Champagne!

So we have to come back as soon as possible, even if the menu may have changed again.





At Brasserie Colette, there are no limits to creativity, so there is often a change of menu. But it never gets boring!

THE desserts

The finest chocolate! Just right for Tanja!
Sorbet selection and dessert wines, delicious à la Colette!

French cuisine has a lot to offer, and this is also reflected in the choice of desserts at Brasserie Colette. Small and clear, but really delicious is the composition.





We can choose between sorbets, a milk ice cream, a selection of mousses au chocolat and a banana tart tatin.

Et à la fin: les fromages!






And don’t forget to add different types of cheese to close the stomach.

Brasserie colette – our conclusion

Santé! We are Colette fans now!

Located in the west, directly opposite the legendary KaDeWe, the Brasserie Colette is a great addition to Berlin’s gastronomic scene. Even during the day! The lunch menus, at € 18 for two and € 24 for the courses, are also a nice alternative if you are looking for a change. The team on site is really nice, so that we could experience an all around successful evening.

So we will definitely come back again and hope that we could inspire you to come and see us there, because: it’s worth it! You will find more of our gastronomic tips  here!





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