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The boho look was totally hip during summer, now in fall it is still highly hyped. I love this trend because it is easy and has that cool hippie look plus it is mostly extremely comfortable. And it becomes every woman! Somehow the flowing dresses and clashing with the style conveys a bit of a festival mood. And there are so many color variations that any fashionista will find her style! Now let’s get started with my favorite boho looks which I assorted all in my precious Showroom Berlin store for you.

1. noble version

I combined the silky maxi dress with a japanese looking flower print by Ellie White with suede appearance over knee boots by Marc Cain. Boho clashing with the style! This fall over knee boots are not only worn with short but also with long dresses.

Another important element are the voluminous sleeves even though they are quite discreet this time. So called “statement” sleeves are totally boho. The necklace (Showroom Berlin’s own brand) give a noble touch. And the “Fifi” meaning the jacket is already my all time favorite piece for the cold season.


2. office version

The boho style also works with pants like these leather leggings (Marc Cain). Leggings are worth to invest. You should definitely get some, girls!

The tunic by Marc Cain has classical boho elements such as the pattern, the fringes and the pearls. My own flat boots by Emu perfect that style.

3. „after work” versionYou almost can’t mix more fabrics which is typical for the boho style. Of course there are warmer materials in fall. Now fur, silky and velvety come into play. Playful maxi dresses like the one by Marc Cain are typically boho. The minute I put it on I almost didn’t want to take it off. The velvet on my skin feels great. And green is this year’s fall trend color. Combined with boho like solid boots (I love clashing with the style!) and a fake fur jacket by Marc Cain.

I also love the boho style because I usually have a couple of pieces in my wardrobe that are typical for that style (or my girlfriends do) such as maxi dresses, boots ect.. I find this style irresistible as you can wildly mix everything and at the end of the day it has that certain touch of coolness.




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