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Of course everyone wants to have beautiful skin and hair.  But nothing comes from nothing. But there are many beauty-aides such as dietary supplements plus a few tipps to gain youthful charisma rapidly. I tested it myself!

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Morning routine with drawing oil

With this I start my morning routine every day

My day starts with a 10 min kick off in my mouth.

It looks funny but it’s extremely effective: daily rinsing with mouth-oil

I started to recognize this detox ritual which has been part of the  Ayurveda tradition for decades. To get rid of harmful substances that have gathered within my mouth over night I rinse it with mouth-rinse-oil by  OLIVEDA in the morning.

This reduces tooth deposits and adds to a pink and fresh complexion.

And the teeth get verifiably whiter.

At the same time the body is freed from harmful poisons which are simply being spit out after rinsing. This ritual has quite a liberating feeling for me.

Drinking-ampul With Collagen

My daily beauty aide

After having accomplished that and leaving the bathroom freshly styled I treat myself to a shot. In a form of this beauty-drink. If you are engaged in skin aging – like me as an above 40 woman – you know where the problem is. Down in the deeper dermal layers.

Always with me: enough water!

Dermatologist have developed this collagen drink by Elasten to provides our skin with more moisture and elasticity. My small wrinkles have become less and all knall my skin appears to be plumper and my fingernails are stronger. And I am saying this out of pure conviction, I am not getting any money for it. That’s important to know as I purely introduce my personal beauty-aides. But of course you need to wait a couple of weeks before the effect of the ampuls occurs.

To drink enough is extremely important in generell of course. Our body consists 70% water and needs a refill time and again. Be it for our metabolism or the administration of oxygen – if you drink 10 glasses of water every day you will realize that your skin will glow. Therefore I always carry a water bottle with me.

Nutrition-Kick after the science of colors

Enough fruit and vegetables is essential. Likewise healthy food such as nuts and Avocados. If I am aware that a stressful day lies ahead of me I make myself a healthy smoothie in the morning so that my vitamin store is full. But groceries are capable of much more to “just” supply us with vitamins.


Try cabbage instead of the trendy pumpkin;-)

The following counts: blue-violet veggies and fruit such as red cabbage, blueberries, grapes and such are full of plant pigments that bind free radicals. The more free radicals the more your skin ages.


Plump and delicious – to eat and for a similar skin: grapes

If you want thick hair and strong fingernails you hold count on green groceries such as broccoli, spinach or gooseberries.

The contained chlorophyll  cleanses our system and helps to rebuild cell structure.


Yummy and healthy: tomatoes

A youthful charisma and healthy vessels is what you wish for? Then it’s best to eat everything that is red such as tomatoes, goji berries or rose hips. They contain anti-inflammatory active components which are even capable to chase away small facial expression wrinkles.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that more is more as. An overdose is not necessarily healthy. And of course each of us prefers particular things and or has allergies or is intolerant to certain substances. IT#s best to talk with a doctor or a nutritionist about that to create a nutrition plan which is as colorful as possible. You can read more about regional super foods here. They are often cheaper and achieve a lot!

Nutrition supplements

9 pills a day provide me with so many important active components…

Of course I try to eat as much of the above mentioned food as possible. But as a „working mom“ who is traveling a lot on top I am not able to always implement that to be honest.

I stay fit with this!

Therefore I treat myself daily with an allrounder in the shape of pills by Spirulina. The Spirulina algae is one of the best protein suppliers. In addition it contains important amino acids, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and minerals. Besides Spirulina is lactose, sugar and gluten-free.

So these algae are an extra booster for my immune system. And that’s what I need in stressful times such as these.

Beauty-aides: My conclusion

Of course I also rely on classics such as working out and sleeping enough. At least I try and am more or less successful. In the 70ies my mom already assisted with „Merz Spezialdragees“. Over 50% of us German believe in nutrition supplement and I am definitely one of them. The combination of the right food and beauty-aides is the perfect in my stressful daily routine. No matter where I am this personal recipe provides me with an extra kick with a glow effect.

You will find more beauty-tipps from us here!


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