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Cold and dry air temperature and wearing hats all the time make our hair suffer during fall and winter. Annabelle and I love our long hair – no matter with extensions or not. But beautiful hair needs special treatment to stay beautiful. Or to become beautiful!

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Right washing for beautiful Hair

Interview with the hair-expert Civan Ucar

There’s already room to make mistakes at the very first step. Because wet hair rips more easily then dry hair. The hairdresser of my trust, Civan Umar from Berlin therefore gives the following advice: „It is best to untangle your hair before washing it!“

While he is shampooing my hair I listen carefully. „Many wash their hair too hot which dries out the scalp and the lengths. Therefore it is best to wash your hair with lukewarm water.“



And how much shampoo is right? Take a one euro piece as an orientation and foam it from the top of your head down to the lenghts. Ah!

the right products

Fine, curyl or colored hair? there are product for every hair type!

Each one’s hair is different and therefore needs differente treatments. This starts with the shampoo and continues with the conditioner and the deep conditioner which you should use once per week. Of course you don’t necessarily need to buy products at a hairdresser as there are also fine products in drugstores these days.

My small wonder weapon: hair oil!

But the hairdresser can at least determine your hair type and give you treatment advice. Some “over treat” it too much “then it becomes limb”, says Civan.

His secret tipp! hair oil! They are small wonder weapons and can also be applied to dry hair. I love Civan’s argan-oil which provides my hair with extra protection.


Equally important: use a conditioner every time you wash your hair. If you leave that out you will turn your hair over to damaging environmental influences.

how to dry and style your hair properly

better to blow then loft dry your hair…

Don’t be surprised but blow drying is better then loft drying for beautiful hair! Den Grund erklärt uns der Haarexperte: „If you dry your hair at fresh air the pores open up and can take a lot of humidity in. Therefore it fluffs itself up. But if you blow dry your hair the hair closes its pores due to the heat and therefore doesn’t react that much towards air moisture.”

Civan applies heat protection

You can gently blow dry your hair by drying it with lower heat until 85% is dry and then turn up the heat at the end.

If you coiffe your hair you should take some advice to your heart: do you use aids such as straighteners or curling irons? Use a heat protection then! This will coat your hair and prevents damages. Styling products should be without alcohol as they dry out the hair. And natural brushes are much better then synthetic ones.


I had also written about a permanent straightening due to Tannin here which spares some time at least for irons.

sleep right

Beautiful hair due to luxurious silk

If you wake up with frizzy hair already there is help. Silk pillow case are antistatic. And silk doesn’t roughen up your hair like other material does.

The smooth structure prevents knots so it will take less time in the morning to brush through your hair.




Beautiful hair needs a certain quality standard.

Last Tips for beautiful Hair

This feels great: a head massage!

i take most of the above mentioned tips to my heart. Another tip by Civan: massage your scalp daily!

Even if it’s not easy: the hair dresser should recut your hair every two months

Of course it is nicer if someone else does it but it stimulates the blood circulation of the hair roots. The hair grows more healthy then. If you want to let your hair grow you need to see the hairdresser at least every 8 weeks to recut it. Otherwise your hair might split from the bottom and will continue so until it reaches the roots. If you still seem to have reached a plateau concerning your hair growth you should put it up sometimes. You will prevent your hair to rub against your shoulders.

I cross my fingers for your beautiful hair!!



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