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I carry two titan bars in my back and seven titan screws to stabilize my  extreme scoliosis. And Tanja had a disc slipped for the second time lately. So back problems are something that are naturally part of our day to day life. To control the pain respectively to prevent it we constantly have to take care of our back. Which goes for the majority of all Germans unfortunately! Therefore you will find a few simple home back strengthening back exercises here for you to live pain free!

abs and back go hand in hand

Warm-up through arching your back up ….
…and down into a hollow back. 15 x repetitions

To have a strong back you need strong abs as well. So it is never enough to just train your back! But I am sure that all of you know classic sit-ups and such. Therefore I only want to introduce a few exercises how to strengthen you back.

As I am interested in workouts and fitness per se I have learned quite a few back strengthening exercises over the years. Meaning exercises that you can easily do at home. Without weights or other aids. Because our body is totally enough to train efficiently!

sitting down differently

Starting and middle position…
First “sit down” on one side…

As you might have noted on the picture above with my back arched it is still quite askew. But the surgery and my workouts before and ever since helped to lessen the scoliosis so that I can live a pain free life. Presupposed as long as I keep up working out!

This exercise looks effortlessly but don’t underestimate it. First get down on your knees.

…then on the other side…

Then sit down controlled with a firm tummy next to one side of your heels and subsequently on the other side of your heels.

In between get back to your kneeling starting position!

So up, down to one side, up, down to the other side. 10 x per side.

Your tummy needs to stay tucked in firmly and your back straight. Please don’t hollow your back.

Sit down ten times per side and you will realize how your muscles react!

always stay balanced

Slowly and controlled….

Be it concerning our health or everything else in our life. Things need to be in balance. This exercise especially is all about balance! I am sure that all of you have done this so called scale during p.e. at school. If you try this exercise controlled with straight legs and a firm back it is crucial for solid back and butt muscles.

…for the highest effect!

These you should clearly keep in mind as a firm butt is the base for an upright walk! Try to visualize a slow pendulum. Stand up straight and lean forward with the hand pointing to the floor diagonal from the supporting leg. Try to touch the floor with your fingertips while your leg goes straight up until leg and hip are parallel to the floor. Come up controlled again to stand straight and repeat 15 times each side.

If that’s too much for you use a box to lessen the distance to the floor or use the other hand to support yourself at a wall or piece of furniture.

The more you exercise the easier it gets and the stronger your back muscles will become.

BACK strengthening standing up

Stand solidly and keep your arms and legs straight !
Always  execute both sides of this exercise to strengthen your back evenly!

This exercise is so easy tut you might want to ask yourself if it makes any sense at all!? Well, yes it does!

Same as before don’t hollow your back.

Keep up your strong posture and move your right arm and left leg or your left arm and right leg straight back.

Stand slightly bend forward and pull your shoulders down.

Controlled and uninterrupted 15 times per side.

back strengthening lying down

Don’t lie down your head. And keep your back and abs firm!
Exercise alternately!

Basically the horizontal exercise is only an alternative to the vertical version.

Still our body is strained more and the exercise is more exhausting when we lie down!

Our head is parallel to the floor in one line with our spine. Don’t place your face on the floor! By holding up your head without craning your neck you will feel immediately how much strength that takes.

Same as with the standing version lift your arms and legs diagonally. 15 times per side.

back strengthening sitting down

Sit down, keep your back and your head straight, pull your shoulders down and pull your arms down as shown!

And finally an exercise that you can try with an aid – like a tube – or without. This concludes my little back strengthening program. Sit down on a chair or a stool. Your thighs are parallel to the floor and your feet are placed firmly on the floor. Now pull the tube or simply your hands down until your upper arms are parallel to the floor as shown. Repeat 20 times.

Lastly repeat all exercises again! I recommend 3-4 rounds 3-4 times per week. You won’t need much time for this program as you should exercise without taking any breaks.

All exercises need to be executed controlled and correctly as that is crucial for the effectiveness. So don’t cheat! And your back will thank you for it!

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