Tight skin through radio frequency – the Victoria Beckham treatment

Victoria Beckham allegedly loves treatments with radio waves. It is suppose to tighten and refine the skin. So I also wanted to try out the so-called radio frequency therapy in order to find out what Vicky and Co are betting on in the fight against skin aging. So much in advance: it neither hurts nor does one have a downtime. I tried out how exactly the beauty procedure works at the Joli d’or cosmetics studio on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.

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Safer Internet – eBlocker protects the whole family in the internet

Our children belong to the generation 2.0, surfing the internet is normal after a certain age. Schools also work with teaching methods on the internet. So far so good as it has of course a lot of advantages. But especially for children the internet is very dangerous because they can’t judge many things. And I’m not talking about games like Fortnight. We’ve now bought a brand new device called eBlocker, which allows the whole family to surf the net safely and to  protect us from trackers.

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Skin rejuvenation through laser treatment – PicoWay Resolve in the test

Laser treatment is on everyone’s lips in the course of skin tightening. But not all lasers are the same. Especially not with the advancing technology. Some very few beauty studios in Germany already use the PicoWay Resolve (picosecond laser) as a weapon against skin aging. This laser works differently than conventional devices. This is because it applies very targeted and extremely short laser impulses to the skin. At Era Esthetic in Frankfurt I tested the innovative procedure for TwoTell.

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Marcel Ostertag – Germany’s most industrious designer with a touching message

Marcel Ostertag is the only designer who has so far always presented a show at every fashion week in Berlin. For this he not only gets diligence points from us, but also a big THANK YOU, because we just feel great in his outfits. This is due to the mixture of clear lines and elaborate details. At the Fashionweek Berlin, the German fashion designer gave a flaming speech that I won’t forget for a moment. He said what many think, but don’t dare to say. I met him afterwards and, of course, went into it.

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The Tricity of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia – Poland’s Most Beautiful Side

The tricity at the Polish Baltic Sea consists of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia and has honestly knocked me down with its flair. No wonder that this region of Poland is a real tourist magnet. Because every city enchants in its own way. The three cities are situated right next to each other and are connected by their unique location on Gdansk Bay. Nowhere else have I found three so completely different cities in one place that impressed me so much. And that even in the cold winter!

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Lugano – pearl of Switzerland

Friends of ours have a holiday home in Lugano with a view on the lake. They have been inviting us for a while and every time I saw pictures of the place I was really taken with it. This summer we finally went. All in all it took us 10 hours to drive there with a stop over night near Bodensee lake. The last part of the way through the so called Heide-country was really pictorial.

Pure romance at Fleesensee palace

A wellness weekend on the beautiful Fleesensee Palace just for ourselves! My husband and I have been awaiting this time out eagerly. Two and a half days just for ourselves, without the children, in a lovely wellness hotel. Just an hour and a half by car away from Berlin. This is so uncommon that we were really excited!

Long car journeys with children: easy with these tips!

Long car journeys with children can be a real adventure! It was an experiment for us as a family to drive down to Austria and Croatia for our vacation instead of taking a plane as we usually would have done. Ahead of us was a real long car journey. But despite the heat and the traffic jams I would do it any time again because there are a few tricks to bypass the time.

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Wind tunnel flying: pure adrenalin!

Wind tunnel flying fit the the saying that you have probable all heard before: only flying is better! I wanted to try that out. Almost weightless as a so called body flyer! Flying free in a wind tunnel is not only possible for experienced parachuters but a happening for the whole family. Meaning: for us!

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