Sleeping like a baby!

Sleeping like a baby is a dream that probably all of us have. Though most of us cannot truly relax at night. Finding the perfect position and to experience a long and recreative deep sleep is often a problem. The two of us are no exception unfortunately. Therefore we pricked our ears when we heard about pillows and mattresses that guarantee scientifically verifiable an improvement of these common sleeping problems. Of course we became curious and had to try that out!

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Granola bars-home made!

Granola bars are easily home made and are super healthy! I would have never thought how simple it is to create granola bars on your own. My whole family loves that small snack. And my self made ones are of course so much more healthier than the ones in the supermarkets that are full of added sugar. The great thing is that all I need are a few ingredients! And on top of that the bars are absolutely delicious.

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Hangover cure-this is what helps!

Everyone needs a hangover cure once in a while for the day after New Year’s Eve. But what is really helpful and why?Don’t expect a recipe that helps reduce the alcohol in your blood, though, as this is a fairy tale. Our body is only able to reduce 0,1 per mill per hour. More or less depending on one’s physique. But I can tell you how you can feel better pretty fast without too much of a hustle!

Fascia training for fitness, posture and shape!

Fascia training (Faszientraining ) was until recently something I hadn’t heard of . I plays concentrated on my muscles when I worked out. But fascias are equally as important to be fit and have a good shape. They stabilize our whole body and enwrap our muscles and organs. Fascias are like a huge network within our body that we should take god care of. I will show you how!

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Styled for the holidays and cozy in between!

Styled for the holidays is totally fine with us but in between  we prefer to have it comfy. For Christmas and New Year’s Eve we love to dress up but otherwise cozy is trend for the last days of the year . For our day to day  winter wear our closets contain mostly woolen and warm winter clothes. Not at all glamorous! But both is possible! Properly equipped we will easily get by during and between the holidays. Thanks to