Helsinki: design, architecture and nonchalance

Helsinki, the capitol of Finnland, had fascinated me from the beginning due to its charm and its lovely residents. More than 300 small Islands belong to the metropolis which contains round about 600.000 inhabitants.  Fans of beautiful design, a relaxed rhythm and architectural highlight will get one’s money worth. Finns are simply cool. And on top real sport enthusiasts. Enjoy my top-tips for a short trip to Helsinki.

Our self-test: hair removal with diode laser

I think there’s nothing more annoying than constantly shaving the hairs on your body. Especially now in the summer time! Annabelle and I started a hair self-test at M1 Laser a few months ago: hair removal with a diode laser. How well this works for both of us, how many sessions we have had and how it works…. read for yourself!

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Pure female power! Our TwoTell Ladiesdinner 2019!

Pure female power hits the nail on the head, and in the best sense of the word. At this year’s TwoTell Ladiesdinner with a total of 104 (!) women from a wide variety of backgrounds, our hearts opened when we looked into the many happy faces at the Hotel de Rome in Berlin on Sunday, June 30th! Not a race of female competition, on the contrary. It was an evening full of great encounters and conversations with a lot two tell!

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Celery juice – miracle cure or fake news? A self-test

Celery juice is currently so hyped in the social media that I jumped on this train out of curiosity. For 30 days I have been doing my personal celery juice challenge! Every morning I had half a litre of freshly squeezed celery juice as it is said to make the skin glow, boost our immune system and digestion and even help against chronic diseases. But what is behind the celery juice myth?

Cheap beauty tips for your home

The beauty market is booming! There seems to be the right treatment for and against everything. And that can be quite expensive! But what about the good old home recipes or little tricks that are effective and still don’t cost much? I would like to introduce a few to you here, but beware: you have to bring a little effort and patience with you, but then you will glow! And also with joy!

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Brasserie Colette – Tim Raue’s new gastro coup!

IF a cook belongs to the best in Berlin, it is Tim Raue. The top chef with a Berlin snout knows the fine line between haute cuisine and street food perfectly! And he also celebrates success as a book author. No wonder, after all, the former Berlin gang member has a lot to tell. This can be seen over again in his way of cooking, which has already earned him two Michelin stars. With his latest coup, Tim Raue is again counting on fusion, this time also as far as the gastronomic management is concerned. We have tested the Brasserie Colette for you!

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Laser One – hair removal in self-test

Annoying little hairs on the legs or even worse on the face can be a real nuisance! But now we’ve got rid of them forever. No more plucking, waxing or epilating! In the last 4 months we have tried out a new laser method for hair removal and finally got rid of our annoying hair with this method. And the best thing is: it stays that way, hooray – so summer can come!  Because with the Laser One Institute we had great experts at our side, who with their powerful diode lasers can tackle every hair! You can read here what is behind this process, which is finally suitable for every skin and hair type. With no hairsplitting at all! 😉

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Quer quatschen! – our new podcast!

Quer quatschen! (talking all over!) describes quite exactly what will you can expect from our new podcast. Because let’s not kid ourselves! We’ve been friends for 20 years, we’ve been on the road a lot and our jobs have allowed us to get close to what’s going on, so we really have a lot to tell. TwoTell has showing this from the beginning, but now it’s time for us to evolve. Why? Read for yourself!

Lisbon – immerse and enjoy!

Lisbon immediately inspired me, right from my first visit about 15 years ago. Since then I have been there four times. Each time, however, only to work as a moderator for various international companies. All the more I tried to use the breaks between my appearances efficiently. You can find out what I discovered here!