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Jumping through trees like squirrels, climbing dizzying heights – not my favorite thought as I am afraid of heights. My children longed to try that out – incited by my sportsy spice Annabelle. I have to admit that our trip to the crag went far from what I had imagined.

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The climbing courses are really high

Safety first at the crag

The crag is situated at the area Jungfernheide in Berlin  and – depending on the course – varies between heights of 3 and 17 meters between the trees. There you need to overcome different hurdles such as nets, swinging tree trunks, rung ladders or ropes.

With my godchild Rike

I would have preferred to accompany my little daughter Mina to the children course. But we were a bigger group and as my goddaughter Rike (12) and my son Nicolas (10) were part of it, quitting was not an option! First we had to attend a safety instruction as climbing is not without risks.

Annabelle at the safety introduction

So first we put on the safety belts then we learned how to handle the snap hooks like a pro.

pure Nature

Us grown-ups (including my 10 year old son and my 12 year old goddaughter) started with the green beginners course which was situated 4 meters high. We were all sweating instantly from hoisting and free climbing.

free climbing

Plus we needed to stay attentive of course as “safety first” was the motto.

karabiner for safety

At each new exercise we attached ourselves by two snap hooks to the wire ropes that were the so called life lines to prevent us from falling down. So we were secured twice. It was such great fun to experience that in a group. It really weld us together.

“flying high” at the crag

It was a great feeling for me to be in line with nature high above in the tree tops. I overcame my fear of heights with a bit of extra courage and felt a bit like Tarzan when I swang through the air with a ropeway for the first time.

Ability counts

I got a kick out of it and so did everyone else. Of course Annabelle was the gazelle and took each hurdle as if she’s never done anything else. Some of the exercises were definitely really exhausting which my sore muscles proved the next day.

Height intoxication

But we were all into it and kind of intoxicated by the height. So we dared to take the red course which was 12 meters high.

During the red course
Annabelle in the air

My stomach felt nauseous sometimes but I rarely looked down. The biggest compliment came from my son Nicolas “Cool mum, that you pull it through!”, he said. I would do it again anytime !  It was an adventure to exceed my limits at the crag but I also knew when it was time to stop. I quit at the next level and proudly ate ice cream with my daughter while Annabelle and my son were still pumped up with adrenalin while swing through the air.


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