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Antifreeze protection is exactly what our skin needs in the winter. Eventually the skin is our largest sensory organ with 2,5 sqm. And it takes a lot of energy to fight the cold during  winter. Of course moisturizing is the key! But on top of that we should do much more for our skin to stay intact.

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Hand cream with organ oil

There are people like my son who get extremely dry hands due to coldness. As the back of our hands has next to no sebaceous glands hand cream with argan oil is of great help. And anti aging expert and doctor for aesthetic medicine  Dr. Michael Schmidt-Kulbe from Berlin has more valuable tipps for us.


When we talked he clarified: “Peelings and face tonic with alcohol should better be used when it’s getting warmer again. They irritate our skin needlessly.” Nurturing moisturizing masks are the better choice (see our  face masks-blogpost). I tend to have dry skin so sometimes I use a nourishing night cream during the day. It helps my skin when it is “thirsty” and needs more fat. It is also important to protect your skin from the sun during winter. I am fan of  “2 in 1” by La Biostétique: a cell-activating day care with integrated UV-protection to prevent premature skin aging..

A cover pen protects the skin

Concerning make-up I also change products when it’s cold  like a  make-up stick (“cover pen cream make-up” by Beauty is life) which doesn’t contain any water and is therefore a perfect anti freezing protection during winter.

My normal lip care is not enough when the temperatures drop significantly. And if there is one thing that I hate it is dry and brittle lips.

Important: special lip care

Therefore experts recommend as an anti freezing lip protection to use sticks or lip balms with herbal wax and oils. These are the best ingredients to repair dry lips. I use a cell activating lip care with an anti aging effect.

It contains mustard seed which plump our lips and provides them with lots of moisture. Plus: don’t lick your lips when they are dry! This dries them out even more.


But what about the rest of our skin? Dr Schmidt-Kulbe advices: don’t shower or bathe too hot and moisturize your body extensively. The best are lotions with strong natural hygroscopic ingredients such as urea.

body lotion after each shower

Your lotion should contain at least one of the ingredients that you will find in the Atoderm Crème by Bioderma (that also helps against extremely dry skin). This cream will help you to repair the barrier function of our skin and regain its loss of moisture.

Plants as natural moisturizers

antifreeze protection extras

Our skin gets additionally irritated through dry air especially in heated rooms. This dry air withdraw a high quantity of moisture. Therefore I placed anair humidifier in our bedroom. And in our living room our plants are my natural skin “army”!

Just sit and wait and have some tea!

By the way: to drink a lot also is a natural way of moisturizing our body from the inside as an antifreeze protection. It helps to keep our skin plump. So why not combine something practical with something comfortable by having a tea session! Hot drinks warm our body from within and provide us with moisture additionally.

And if that’s not enough, try our detox juices as another skin booster.

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