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It almost sounds too good to be true. The first „The Face Club“ in Germany offers personal training for the skin that activates a rejuvenating process immediately. Of course I had to try that out directly. Is this new special face training truly a revolution on the anti aging market?

The two of us with Dr. Kapkin

Dr. Hale Kapkin – The Maker of the Club

Of course I was a bit sceptical when I joined the opening of the Face Club in Berlin gegangen. The location – a well known beauty institute near Kurfürstendamm!

Dr. Hale Kapkin has been leading the beauty-salon for quite a while and offers soft anti aging methods as well as anti wrinkle injections.

She stands for a “soft concept” and not “typical” Botox- faces she says.

The 62 year old explains to me how she had come up with the idea of the Face Clubs.

looking for the best methods

She has always been looking for the best methods concerning skin rejuvenation and has bought many expensive tools in the past. But she was never 100% satisfied. Approximately 5 years back she visited a regular customer who travels a lot and who was totally excited about the „Face Gym“ in London. Without further ado Hale took a plane there to know more about the effectiveness of that method.

Coincidence anD intuition

The native Turk was goaded and coincidentally discovered a similar concept in Istanbul some time later. This was of course the mental staring point of her Face Club in Berlin. She refined and developed an own method which is supposed to be responsible for a natural glowing self: The Face Club Berlin was born!

The treatment – the main part

Thorough leaning comes first.

It is clear that regular workout builds muscles and keeps us toned and young. But in fact this kind of “face Yoga” was quite different of what I had imagined.

Because first of all Clara, Dr. Kapkin’s assistant, cleansed my skin intensively and massaged it gently. I felt at home immediately!

Followed by a gentle massage.

After that Clara activates my face with a mixture of kneading and massaging.

Activation of the acupressure points…

I wouldn’t describe that as a feel good massage but it doens’t hurt either.

The skin expert explained to me why the treatment needs to be so firm: “The face has 40 muscles including 8 mimic muscles. The rest of the 32 muscles are supposed to keep us young but are mostly neglected. And flabby muscles means flabby skin.

…and loseing clotted fascias!

With the activation of the musculature points the tightening process is stimulated. In addition we work on clotted fascias as they intensify wrinkles if they are not smoothed out.“

Finally the feel good part takes place, softly smoothing the skin. Without moving a muscles (no chance anyway as I had the hands on my face!) I asked about the name of the concept. Why Face Club? The doctor answered promptly: „The skin reacts the same way as us going to a gym. After the warm-up (here: the cleansing) the workout begins (here: activating acupressure points and working on fascias) and at the end we stretch (here: smoothing the skin).

After 30 minutes I feel good, my bone tissue is activated and my skin detoxicated so the beauty expert. If you want – such me – you go a step further now.

recovery part with Electric Stimulation

Light electric impulses intensifies the process

Now the EMS workout begins that real athletes among us might know. Although I don’t put on kind of diver’s suit with electronic sensors.

In this case Clara glides a metallic tool over my skin which releases soft electronic waves.

It tingled a bit.

EMS is supposed to stimulate my fascial muscles even more and regenerate the elasticity of my skin.

Face Club deluxe

Annabelle accompanied the whole process and was excited about the result as well.

If you have gone through the whole process you have the possibility to put on the crown of the anti aging treatment.

For example by experiencing the Pico Age Peeling which prevents annoying age spots and results in an immediate lifting effect.

Or you go for a light therapy with LED-technology which is supposed to minimize wrinkles and boost the regeneration process of the skin.

Combined with the treatment this is of course the full well aging program.

My conclusion after the first treatment

Pure skin: with no makeup after the treatment

I skipped the deluxe program because I felt really fresh and my skin looked radiant already. Of course I wasn’t rejuvenated for years immediately.

Hale recommends a cure of 10 treatment followed by a refreshment once a month depending upon need. One basic treatment costs 45 Euro.

I was totally convinced by the Face Club and will repeat it definitely.


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