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The micro needle roller and the mikro injection serum by Svenja Walberg are supposed to be anti aging innovations. Tiny needles are attached to a small roller to prick the skin. They injure our skin so as a consequence it needs to heel and to regenerate which leads to a better skin. The anti aging package is completed by the hyaluronic gel which contains three different hyaluronic acids. Mmmh, is that some kind of scam again with a scientific wrapping? Or is it what it says it is? A method to reduce tiny wrinkles and repair parts of our skin? We tested it!

the beauty roller and the hyaluronic serum

The micro needling roller looked a bit like a gardening tool and the hyaluronic serum reminded us of a huge syringe. That’s at least what both of us thought when we unpacked the products. Well, Svenja Walberg probably figured something because after all the German DM branches sell both products as THE new anti aging innovations. So for the past two weeks for every day (Annabelle) or every third day (Tanja) we did what we were supposed to do to make a difference for our skin.


We ran the roller for micro needling over our facial skin after cleaning it. We dilligently rolled over each area round about ten times. First we rolled it over our forehead then our cheekbones, our chin and nasolacrimal wrinkles and  finally veeery carefully around our eyes. That pricked quite a bit! Our skin tingled afterwards but it also felt kind of good. Then we applied the hyoluronic serum with the syringe. We squeezed a little bit of gel (as much as a 1 cent piece) on each area and spread it carefully. And lastly we used the roller once more for the serum to sink in properly. Done!

Our skin absorbed the serum extremely fast and our skin tingled and pricked! As a conclusion we added some skin lotion like it was recommended by Svenja Walberg. After two applications we both got one or two mysterious pimples on our foreheads. Oh dear. Nevermind. On we went!

First the roller then the serum!

And then came the surprise: our pimples disappeared and our angry spots were reduced. And on top of it our wrinkels seemed to become a tiny little bit smoother. Crazy! We are convinced! And we think that investing € 29,90 for the micro needle roller and € 14,90 for the hyluronic serum is totally fair! You can find Svenja Walbergs products at DM or online at


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