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ABURY bags are not only particularly inventive. They also combine fair trade with traditional craftsmanship and high-class design! The Berlin label enables to prevent handcraft in certain countries and breathes new life into their bags. An emotional element that many products lack.

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Andrea Bury – maker of the label

The maker behind the brand is Andrea Bury who discovered the berber’s  craftsman techniques during her visit to Morocco. Inspired by her experiences she founded the company that combines ambitious social and aesthetic aspects. At ABURY young designers work with traditional craftsmanship communities and develop the unique pieces.

Jana Pallaske with an ABURY bag

A great concept with a lot of celebrity fans such as Bettina Zimmermann or Jana Pallaske which Andrea loved “twotell” us about.

how was the idea about abury born?

When I lived in Marrakesh for two years I got to know the environment and the people more and more, said Andrea. I realized that the prices had dropped dramatically due to  imported goods from Asia which led to less possibilities for higher eductaion of the children living there. Therefore I wanted to change something.  The core idea was to include the people and use their potential in the long run sustainable.

It took me a couple of years to work my head around this idea but in 2011 I finally founded ABURY as a social fashion business.

How do you combine charity and fashion?

ABURY is a social business. The above all goal is to preserve traditional craftsmanship and to create surroundings where people can use their potential and capabilities.

traditional craftsmanship

ABURY has two pillars. For one there is the ABURY Collection – the fashion label. Here we bring international designers together with craftsmen.

They cooperate in their design and quality management. They also create designs on their own which we sell to reinvest parts of the profit into the countries that we work in. And second there is the ABURY Foundation – the charity part of the label.

There we initiate local projects where additional investment is needed to build schools or a solar pump for a water supply well for example.

sewers in Morocco

Diversity of countries

Since 2015 traditional craftsmanship is getting support after the same principle in other countries as well. Also in Equador, Kenia, India, Rumania, Tansania and the Ivory Coast the combination of tradional craftsmanship, high class design leads to a positive social outcome. I’ve been a fan of the brand for a long time.



When I carry an ABURY bag I always have a piece of other cultures and positive life energy with me. These are companions with a clean conscience, a lot of power and even more “twotell”!



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