About us…

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We met in the last millenium, in 1998 in our mutual workplace. We have been friends ever since and have been witnessing the different life phases of each other. We were still in Hamburg respectively Cologne when we met but for the past fifteen years our favorite city Berlin has become our home.

While Annabelle shares an appartment with her boyfriend Hayo in the East of the city, Tanja lives with her husband Nenad and their kids Mina and Nicolas in the West of Berlin. That alone shows how different we are! But we also have so much in common. We both share our passion for our job, our sense of humour, our view on things and most of all the desire to share our experiences with others.

We were both born in 1971 and have been working for decades in the media. Tanja is a presenter and a journalist for a television channel, Annabelle works as a presenter and actress on tv or stage.

Annabelle is a fitnessaddic with a German mother and an African father and grew up in Bad Zwischenahn (Germany), Togo (Westafrica) and Pakistan. Tanja is a fashionfanatic and was born and raised in New Musterland in Germany.

We both love to expand our horizons and to give unknown things a shot, we adore to travel and to keep ourselves busy with new trends and ideas. Plus fashion plays a major role. Tanja presents a fashion program on television whereas Annabelle designs for her own or other labels.

So we have a lot „two tell“! And we are happy that you want to share our experiences!

Yours Annabelle & Tanja