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When I look in the mirror in the morning I see quite a few wrinkles, a couple of  pigmented moles (I got more ever since my 2nd pregnancy) and a lot of freckles. But that’s only from the first view. I am interested how old my skin really is and if I take care of it properly. We can find that out by using a skin analysis tool which I tested for TwoTell.

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the skin analysis procedure

In front of the Visia tool

The tool is called Vista and is able to analyze our skin up into the deeper dermal layers. Phew, I thought, when I entered the beauty practice. Now the truth will be uncovered. Okey, I only smoked for three years but how often did I not take my make-up off or didn’t used any sun protection and so on? The first thing they did in the practice in Berlin is taking off my make-up.

This is where the pictures are taken

Within minutes pictures of my face were taken. My skin absorbed different light flashes and reflects them during this painless procedure. Thus the unit calculates what we can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Deepness of wrinkles, skin surface, pore size, red or brown spots. These skin analysis pictures are taken from three different perspectives and with several color filters. Only then the deeper dermal layers can be analyzed.

The Vista tool would also discover skin diseases such as cancer, spider veins or smoker’s skin.

skin ANALYsis photos

analysis photo with critical spots

„Let’s face it“!, I thought when the cosmetician showed me the photos for the skin analysis. These pictures are really spectacular and extremely accurate. Picture by picture we go through each detail. Every single skin damaged is shown ruthlessly to me. At the end I experience the highlight: my skin’s true age!

true skin age

I sigh with relief and thank my mother who had taught me at an early age always to moisturize my skin in the morning and in the evening. My skin’s age is 37 but I am already 46. I can definitely live with that.


Detailed skin analysis!

There are still suggestions of improvement how to take care of my skin properly. Because – an I found that really impressive – the machine has the possibility to simulate the development of the skin with and without proper treatment. Therefore after the skin Analysis I have a talk with the cosmetician. She tells me how to optimize my skin treatment.

For example my skin is much too dry due to a wrong face cream it seems. In addition I should peel my skin more often.  There are also a couple of treatment such (such as microdermabrasion) which would be good for me. But that would be the next step. For now I am happy that I have treated my skin good enough in the past 46 years and that I know now how to treat it even better. I also paid off that I am sch a fan of face masks! You can read more about it here.

By the way you can find these skin analysis tools in a few practices in Germany. Google it to find out more!


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