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The long winter really is to tear one’s hair! Dry heating air and lack of sunshine exhausting our hair. Therefore it needs a lot of extra care now to make it shine again. Here comes the expert power hair treat!

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How to wash your hair right.

how to wash it and how often

„If you have dry hair you just need to wash it once or twice a week“, claims Civan Ucar, hairdesser with several stores in Berlin. „People with greasy skin or fine and straight hair should use shampoo more often, though. But still, it is mostly enough to wash your hair every other day.“

Attention: „Shampoo makes the hair swell to remove dust and dirt. Therefore it is crucial to rinse them thouroughly so no residues are left on your scalp or in your hair. Afterwards rub down your hair tenderly with a towel.“

Cutting it but no too much

cutting hair

Now it is time for my hair to get a good cut! :”In the winter you should your hair ever four to six weeks or at least the ends. Due to the dry air, hats and so son the hair becomes dry and dull. As hair damage starts from the ends and wanders up to the roots it is important to prevent more damage. You don#t have to cut your hair so often in spring but the moment you see splitting ends it’s time to cut them.“

 Power treat for your hair

The amount for one treatment

Our hair is now tired of the winter sesaon and needs an extra portion of care. Most suitable are hair masks or deep conditioners (once a week). They untangle the hair which suffered due to heating air and low temperatures. Civan: „Hair masks only penetrate the hair properly if it’s not too wet.

Masks heal your hair

use the mask at the ends of your hair not at the hair line. Wrap your head up in a towel as heat increases the effect.“

secret weapon Argan oil

Be it as a deep conditioner in wet hair or as a a nurturing finish:

Arian oil for an extra nurturing treat

Argan oil from the Care by Civan-Series (19,90 Euro)  boosts your winter damaged hair. The hair stylist is totally convinced of his products and also treats my hair with it.

how to stimulate hair growth

We lose more hair in spring than we usually do. That’s perfectly normal and cannot be prevented. With the right nutrition you can stimulate our hair growth: zink and magnesium strengthen the hair’s ceratine for example. You can find the minerals in sea fruits, lines, whole grain bread, cocoa and almonds.
Ferrous is important as well as it nourishes our cells and hair with oxygen. Parsley, blood sausages or calf liver contain but you can also take Schüssel salts as as substitue like I do. Proteins in fish, dairy products, eggs or cooked ham support our hit growth as well as vitamin Bs which you can find in mushrooms and cereals.

spring finishing

lickety-split hair styling!

If you still face a bad hair day once in a while my hairdresser had a great idea for a styling which takes 2 minutes. Just pull back two strands of hair, knot them,  pin the ends, done!

By the way, hair brushes made of boar bristols are best for our hair as it is most similar to human hair structure.A.

Now our hair should have overcome its winter blues.And if not: a head massage stimulates a blissful feeling. Place your fingertips on your temples and massage towards the crown of your head. Then towards your ears and back to the crown and to the back towards your neck. Breathe deeply in and out. With that a spring feeling is guaranteed!

But your skin also needs extra care during this time of the year so take a look at my blogpost about facial treatments here!




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