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After I could show the wonderful and extremely sympathetic German tv host Annett Möller a home workout how to strengthen her upper body, arms, back and abs it’s all about legs and booty today. After her baby break last year Annett want to strengthes these parts of her body as well. Of course I visited her to show her some exercises!

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Home workout – thighs and booty

It looks harmless! But it rocks!

No matter what exercise you practice you always need to adjust your knees properly not to stress them. Your feet should always be underneath you knee in a high angle.

This exercise looks so harmless but is really effective. as you can see Annett and I sit at the wall without a chair.

Your thighs should be parallel to the floor and your back pressed to the wall. Don’t hollow you back but press is all the way against the wall with strong abs. Just try to hold it as long as you can!

A classic exercise are squads. here I show Annett( who is not only a brilliant tv presenter but also a wonderful designer with her own fashion label AMCO!) that she needs to place her feet shoulder wide and keep her back strong and firm.

Laughing despite sweating!
Keep your back straight and firm and sit down way back!

This exercise is great for a strong booty and firm thighs. Not only to gain a round butt but to keep a straight posture.

Then Annett sits down as if on a chair. Controlled with her booty all the way back so that her knees stay above her feet.

The better trained our booty the straighter our walk and posture!

But although it’s exhausting it may still be fun!

4 x 15 repetitions. You can of course also vary and star with 4 x 10 if you want!

Home workout – thighs 2

Lunges, a classic!

Lunges are also classic exercises wich are also in this simple variation highly effective. Like with all exercises: the back needs to be straight, don’t hollow your back and keep your abs firm.

Tilt your pelvic up a bit to stabilize your back and place your feet shoulder wide apart. It will give you a much better stand instead of putting them in a straight line.

Lower your booty so that your legs are bent in a right angle. come up by straightening your legs. Repeat 15 times! Then switch legs. Per leg 4 repetitions. If that’s too much try less repetitions.

Home workout – interior and exterior thigh muscles

Starting position
Small movement – high impact!

The interior and exterior muscles of our thighs are also extremely important! These two exercises help to strengthen the interior (adductors) and exterior (abductors) muscles of our legs.

The starting position is the same for both exercises. First I show Annett how to train her inner thighs. Back and abs need to be firm again combined with a straight hip. You can prop yourself up on your forearm like Annett or also lay down all the way on your arm. Place your upper leg in a right angle in front of you and lift the lower leg up in small controlled movements. 4 x 20 per side. Beware of tipping forward!

Keep your hip straight!

For the exercise to strengthen the exterior thigh muscles (abductors) the starting positions stays the same. Then lift your upper leg.

As you can see I show Annett that she needs to keep her hip staright. Otherwise the exercise is not that effective!

Lift your leg 20 times and then switch sides. Both exercises should be trained together to give your legs a nice and firm shape.

If you work out regularely you will see and feel that your legs become firmer and stronger and nicley shaped. These exercises might be quite exhausting in the beginning as Annett told me but in the long run it’s worth it! I showed Annett some more exercises for a strong back and strong abs and also how  how to stabilize her upper body.





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