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Gianni Versace belongs to the most celebrated and tragical figures of the international design elite. When he was shot in front of his house in 1997 in Miami the whole fashion world was deeply shocked. In 2017 20 years had passed since his death. And in 2018 ist has been 40 years that the fashion label Gianni Versace was founded. Due to these anniversaries the Gianni Versace Retrospective was generated at the Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin. Until  April 14th 2018 a must for fashion lovers.

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Gianni VERSACe – from italy to berlin

The men collections
Unisex  shirts. A trademark of  Gianni Versace

Black, gold but also flashy colors were characteristic for Gianni Versace. Inspired by Pop Art and motives of the Greek mythology the fashion of the Italien designer caused a stir from the beginning.

His first fashion show took place in Lippstadt, in Germany, right after founding his label in 1978. When he had his first exhibition in Berlin in 1994 he claimed that he wanted to come back.

The trademark design of the retrospective on a t-shirt

When I hosted the opening of the Gianni Versace Retrospective on January 30th I had the feeling that he succeeded to revisit through his fashion. Ever since I guard this – especially for the retrospective designed – t-shirt. You can take such a shirt home as well from the pop-up store by Wolfskin Techno Lab on the ground floor of the Kronprinzenpalais.

Gianni versace – the retrospective

Flashy designs in front of black and white backdrops

Over 300 pieces are exhibited at the Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin during the Gianni Versace Retrospective thanks to the support of international Gianni collectors. Also companions of his career have payed their toll so that visitors can experience a journey through Gianni Versace dresses, jewelry, interior designs and original sketches as well as single pieces that he designed for Elton John,Sting or the Milan Opera.

The more the better was Gianni Versace’s device

I immediately fell in love with the picture language of the exhibition. Strong colors and shapes, wonderfully stage managed in the beautiful rooms of the Kronprinzenpalais. The curators Dr. Karl von der Ahé and Saskia Ludlow skillfully created black and white backgrounds as a contrast to the opulence of Gianni Versace.

Gianni versace – THE details

Designs that went down in history

The overall picture of the Gianni Versace Retrospektive is very impressive already but I was even more fascinated by Gianni Versace love for details. But the retrospective is not only exciting due to the designs. It is also a journey through the 90ies!

The Exhibition takes place till April 14th and is open daily between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the Kronprinzenpalais, Unter den Linden 3, 10117 . You can tickets there or online. It is also easily reachable by using public transportation.

And if you feel the need to experience something down to earth after so much opulence, go and get some burgers and beer at the Braufaktum, which we have tried out recently!


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