Skiing in the summer – where there’s always winter

As many of you know we love to try out new things as a family.  And this time we experienced something really crazy – skiing in the summer! But not on a glacier. We just had to travel for two hours from Berlin to reach the skiing hall Hamburg-Wittenburg. Let me tell you how it was to ski down the slopes when we had 30 degrees Celsius outside and what Felix Neureuther has in common with us.

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Mein Schiff 1 – my tip for cruise ship fans

When I got the invitation to attend the maiden voyage of Mein Schiff 1 I immediately confirmed. Because I was really curious! I am a convinced individual traveller but I wanted to find out why so many people love cruise liners.  As the inauguration took pace in the harbour of Hamburg and we then went just for a two day trip on board I dared to try it out. And was impressed!

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Usedom, sunny island with a sense of family

A few years ago I used to be an Usedom- ambassador as I hosted image movies there and fell in love with the Island during my countless shootings. At that time I already found the long white beaches, the architecture of the baths and the beautiful nature fascinating. But how does my family think about it today? Together we explored the island again – through my children’s eyes…

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Long car journeys with children: easy with these tips!

Long car journeys with children can be a real adventure! It was an experiment for us as a family to drive down to Austria and Croatia for our vacation instead of taking a plane as we usually would have done. Ahead of us was a real long car journey. But despite the heat and the traffic jams I would do it any time again because there are a few tricks to bypass the time.

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Skiing-my passion-my tipps

Skiing is one of these sports that need a lot of effort. But I don’t want to miss one hour on the boards. I learned skiing properly fairly late fifteen years ago when I was beginning of my 30ies. Today I ski any slope, be it blue, red or black, mogul slopes or deep powder snow and can recommend skiing to anone. Let me tell you why!

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Wind tunnel flying: pure adrenalin!

Wind tunnel flying fit the the saying that you have probable all heard before: only flying is better! I wanted to try that out. Almost weightless as a so called body flyer! Flying free in a wind tunnel is not only possible for experienced parachuters but a happening for the whole family. Meaning: for us!

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