Styling, drinks, snacks – testing the best soccer World Championship products

King soccer will dominate the world again between June 14th till July 15th this year due to the World Championship in Russia. And to be honest: we are thrilled! Because this kind of competition forms not only bonds between the eleven people on the field but also between us at home.  Be it at BBQs during the games, at public viewings or in front of the telly at home. And for that we have tested the coolest, most tasteful and stylish World Championship products and came up with a top ten list which looks like a winner!

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Grey sweatshirt – the styling allrounder!

Probably each one of us has a grey sweatshirt in her closet. And there are numerous fashion tips that describe in detail how to pimp a certain piece of clothing. But instead of leafing through fashion magazines we wanted to try it out ourselves. And were surprised how flexibel such a grey sweatshirt can be!

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Pink love – trend color for spring and summer!

Pink love! We cannot ignore this color for very much longer. Be it from head to toe or as an add on. Pink is the mother of all flashy colors. It was played to the gallery on all fashion shows! Luv it! And don’t worry: that doesn’t mean Barbie is near! I have combined looks that are compatible for a daily use in my favorite store Showroom Berlin.

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Styled for the holidays and cozy in between!

Styled for the holidays is totally fine with us but in between  we prefer to have it comfy. For Christmas and New Year’s Eve we love to dress up but otherwise cozy is trend for the last days of the year . For our day to day  winter wear our closets contain mostly woolen and warm winter clothes. Not at all glamorous! But both is possible! Properly equipped we will easily get by during and between the holidays. Thanks to