Evening make-up! Easy and fast!

Evening make-up sometimes need to be done quickly. If you consider a few basics it will not take long and you will always look good. As a former model and long term actress and tv and stage host  make-up always plays a role in my professional life on stage, in fronst of a camera or on a red carpet. I’ve learned a lot from the make-up artists I worked with over the years. Through this I know what to do if my make-up needs to be done fast!

Basic powder – the key to beauty by model Gitta Saxx

Beauty comes from within! A common saying which is – especially concerning basic powder – true.  An acid -basic – balance is one of the most important pillars of our metabolism. Acidity might be responsible for discomforts such as fatigue, skin irritations, hair loss and even chronic illnesses. Basic powder affects our gut flora positively . It counteracts the acid flood caused by caffein, sugar, alcohol ect.. Model Gitta Saxx knows a lot about that. She took part of implementing a special beauty concept based on basic powder.

Hair extensions – THE top expert in Berlin!

Hair extensions aren’t news anymore but our own hair usually still suffers too much! Chemicals, glue or heat are mostly used and are a disaster for our hair. I have the luck, though, to have my hair done by a woman in Berlin who has developed a method which doesn’t harm our hair. And the outcome looks absolutely natural. No matter if you have Afro or European hair!