Cooking unplugged – dining without electricity!

Cooking unplugged could be everything: broiling, baking stick bread or – as at the Duke restaurant inside the Ellington Hotel in Berlin – high cuisine! We tried it out and were surprised about the delicious creations by head chef  Florian Glauert who together with the fantastic head chefs Markus Semmler, Ben Pommer, Thomas Imbusch and the brothers Eggert came up with an artful and exquisite menu!

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Das Schwein – a first class wine bar!

We found out that the Das Schwein (the pig) is everything but what the name implied! There the wines as well as the dishes were mouth-watering. In addition the interior of the wine bar was very stylish and the staff extremely nice and well informed. Even though the das Schwein is a wine bar a visit is not only worth it because of the drinkable but also because of the edible delicacies.

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At the crag with the family

Jumping through trees like squirrels, climbing dizzying heights – not my favorite thought as I am afraid of heights. My children longed to try that out – incited by my sportsy spice Annabelle. I have to admit that our trip to the crag went far from what I had imagined.

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Virtual Reality – when mum and son explore new worlds

For weeks my son has been whining: „Mum, I want to visit the VR Lounge . It’s supposed to be so cool. And it’s totally hip. “Allright, I thought, why not? It’s interesting for grown-ups, too. VR stands for virtual reality and is a new technology for computer animations. So we went to visit the VR Lounge at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin to try it out.

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PeterPaul-delicious dram!

PeterPaul  is a restaurant discovery in Berlin which we tested with pleasure! German cuisine meets the probably most known Spanish dish: Schnitzel, dumplings and co. are served in small portions like tapas. Hence the guests have the possibility to enjoy a delightful culinary journey through the German cuisine.

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Gianni Versace Retrospective – a tip for fashion lovers!

Gianni Versace belongs to the most celebrated and tragical figures of the international design elite. When he was shot in front of his house in 1997 in Miami the whole fashion world was deeply shocked. In 2017 20 years had passed since his death. And in 2018 ist has been 40 years that the fashion label Gianni Versace was founded. Due to these anniversaries the Gianni Versace Retrospective was generated at the Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin. Until  April 14th 2018 a must for fashion lovers.

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