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Suddenly it’s there: the summer! But even if our head is more then ready for it our feet might be a not. Rough and dry form the winter our feet need much more then just a simply skin care to turn into beautiful summer feet. Therefore we have tested some products by Allpresan !

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Summer feet – step 1

Pedicure first

First of all our feet need a generous pedicure so that our nails look neat. Short nails are the right choice for that!

Shower foam and foam body lotion

Allpresan offers wonderful foam body lotions and shower foams next to their feet foam lotions.

So after taking care of your foot nails lather your feet with the shower foam. That alone give you a wonderful sensation of soft feet. And in addition it is a great shaving foam for us ladies! And the foam body lotion guarantees silky legs.

Summer feet  – step 2

More is more!

Use a crease filler first so that the nail polish will appear all smooth later on. Then apply a generous amount on your feet of one of the feet foam lotions.

Perfect for all kind of feet!

More is more in this case and our feet long for an extra portion if care! There are three feet foam lotions to choose from which isn’t easy. All of them smell wonderful and make the skin of your feet super soft.

be it the milk & honey foam lotion, the pro -sport foam lotion for stressed feet or the new foaming lotion for extra dry feet. We have tried all three of them and are totally enthusiastic!

summer feet- step 3

Toe spreader

And finally you need to put a nice nail polish to round up the perfect summer look. Depending on your mood, your choice of clothes or shoes – allowed is every color! Such toe spreaders are great as they help to apply the nail properly. On top the polish doesn’t smudge before it’s dry!

Color matching!

Add an adjacent drink in the same color, luvet it! A Tipp: place such a foot foam lotion by Allpresan next to your bed and use it generously on your feet before going to bed.

Now the summer can come!

We do that, too, and enjoy our summer feet every single day!


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