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Asparagus is extremely popular in Germany! Every year we can’t wait to enjoy the white vegetable and to superabound it. This season we were allowed to peek in the pots of Florian Glauert, the chef of the restaurant DUKE in Berlin. And learned a lot!

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Asparagus – How to prepare it properly

Florian Glauert with us as his aids
Culinary delicacies!

Florian Lauert had a great tip: the water in which the asparagus is cooked should be overly salted and sugared!

We didn’t know that! We always thought that just as dash of both salt and sugar should be added. On top pour a generous shot of milk in to the water.


Asparagus and potatoes in one pot

In addition he also recommends to boil both the asparagus and the potatoes in one pot. Of course you need to start with the potatoes then as they need longer then the asparagus.

The chef of the DUKE prefers to prepare asparagus in a classic way. Young potatoes combined with a nice piece of salmon and a sauce Hollandaise and/or melted butter with fresh chive.




There is no need to experimentalize as long as the asparagus is peeled properly, the ends are cut of (approximately 1/2 cm) and cooked firm to the bite.

The starter

The sizzle sells the steak!
Watched by the chef!

Florian Glauert’s asparagus menu at the restaurant DUKE also had a divine starter!

Wild broccoli paired with fried asparagus and decorated with fresh herbs and eatable flowers as well as roasted pine nuts.

A spicy mayonnaise rounded the delicious creation up.


Artful and divine! Florian Glauert’s starter!

And we were even allowed to help in the kitchen! Together we cut the aspargus in the open kitchen of the DUKE and arranged the starter plate..

Yummy! This was totally after our fancy!

the dessert

Strawberries in a dazzling array!
Glauert cooks and decorates with finesse.

Florian Lauert also remained true to tradition concerning the dessert: strawberries! But like with the starter and the main course the dessert turned out to be a real masterpiece again.

Delicately arranged with the best of regional strawberries.

Because that is something that the DUKE pays  extra heed to: only the best ingredients are served to the guests.


Cheers and have a good meal!
The dessert is the perfect finish!

Asparagus couldn’t be prepared any better, we find! Of course we assured ourselves immediately.

Combined with a cool glass of white wine at the starter and the main course and an espresso with the dessert. Wonderful!We can truly highly recommend the DUKE .denn dank der offenenThanks to the open kitchen and the comfortable chairs and benches the in interior has a cozy atmosphere. For lunch or dinner a great tip!

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