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Ampulla treatment for our skin almost sounds like a fountain of youth in small doses. Practical single portion packages filled with ingredients which regenerate, beautify and rejuvenate our skin. As the two of us approach the magic 50 we thought: let’s try this out! So we ordered a four week ampulla treatment from Wellmaxx .

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the scent of the ampullas

A beloved ritual-the daily appliance of the ampulla treatment
Let’s start!

Each of us applied the ampulla treatment over two week and immediately agreed on one point: the liquids smell paradisiacal!

This alone is worth to treat yourself with such an ampulla treatment once in a while as we felt like having an own house-spa.

First you need to shake the tiny ampulla so the two substances inside mix up. Then you snap off the tip and pour the liquid carefully into the palm of on of your hands. Smell and enjoy!

The application and the texture

One ampulla per day
Small but powerful!

The application is – as with most cosmetic treatments – very easy. You just need to make sure that your skin is really clean! Squeaky clean that is so the liquid can penetrate our skin easily. Then wash your hands properly and finally spread the treatment carefully on your palms.

Evenly disperse the fluid on your face and your neck. Done! The feeling was great from the beginning as the treatments by Wellmaxx are light and have a pleasant texture.

They are not too fatty, they don’t stick and sink in fast. Therefore one of these ampullas is the perfect base for applying your personal moisturizer.

the effect of the ampulla treatment

Two weeks after starting our self test our skin felt rejuvenated!

And now! Did it help? The two of us are contrary types. One with dark and very dry skin and the other with fair and more fatty skin.

But we must admit that we were both positively surprised that the ingredients showed their effect!

Not at once but after close to ten days we were not only addicted to our personal home-spa ritual but we could also see and feel that our skin had clearly started to regenerate.

Our pores were becoming finer and our skin felt plumper and fresher. No wonder as the doses of the ingredients are highly concentrated! Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and B 3, Albatin (against dark spots) and amino acids feed our skin with moisture, elasticity and new power of resistance which clearly led to results after our treatment!


Different colors, different effects

A one week ampulla treatment by  Wellmaxx costs round about € 25 but if you want to treat yourself with something that makes your skin look and feel better we can recommend it with a pure conscience. The focus of the different ampullas went from CALM, to treat irritated skin over REFRESH with extra vitamin power to SHINE against dark spots and REFINE for pore refinement.

Use a simple moisturizer on top or – as our personal tip – an after sun lotion and your skin will experience a  new freshness that you will definitely see.


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